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Pretty much what it says on the title. I want to be able to remove lords' ages and family relations from WB, make it just like it was in the original M&B. I tried removing the initialize_aristocracy script, which worked, but also had unforeseen side-effects - for one, lords also didn't get any banners. Any idea what to do?
Check game_start script that contains all snippets with relation to lords' and ladies' characteristics. initialize_aristocracy is only one of the scripts called from it.
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Age should be removed via module_strings.py:
  ("_age_reg1_family_", "^Age: {reg1}^Family:"),

You can replace this line with:
  ("_age_reg1_family_", " "),
But if you remove age from game_start only, you will likely get an error such as Age: 0 in character notes

Then if you want to remove family relations, you should look for specific pieces of coding inside initialize_aristocracy, such as:
                (troop_set_slot, slot_troop_father)
                (troop_set_slot, slot_troop_mother)
                (troop_set_slot, slot_troop_spouse)
                (troop_set_slot, slot_troop_guardian)
Removing all those lines will prevent affiliation among AI characters, no need to delete the whole initialize_aristocracy script. But this would have an impact on gameplay, maybe you should prevent family relations from being shown in notes instead - via game_get_troop_note (module_scripts.py)

If I were you, I would simply change this:
      #Family notes
        (this_or_next|is_between, ":troop_no", lords_begin, kingdom_ladies_end),
        (eq, ":troop_no", "trp_player"),
        (neg|is_between, ":troop_no", pretenders_begin, pretenders_end),

And make it look like this:
      #Family notes
        (is_between, ":troop_no", mercenary_troops_begin, mercenary_troops_end),
Family relations are not affected but they are disabled in character notes
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Simply hiding the age won't cut it. I need to eliminate the script that's aging up/down the lords so it won't mess with their facial models.
Check for slot_troop_age and slot_troop_age_appearance slots and their usage. Apart from game_start and initialize_aristocracy, you should check age_troop_one_year and init_troop_age scripts. I hope you will make it through with this knowledge.
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