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i like how in SP tap-blocking literally exists and you can do it consistently with high enough weapon skill so SP players with high enough weapon skill won't see the problem of block delay

but noooo, every unit in MP has to have like 50 weapon skill standardised across the board on top of MP latency
Before the game released, they took it out due to an overwhelming amount of negative feedback.

For some reason they thought adding it back in a month later would change people's opinions? Stupidity at its finest.
I think removing block delay would be great. It feels really bad when some higher skilled players know how to accelerate the speed of their swing and you are unable to block it due to block delay. This really neuters the skillcap of mount&blade's melee system and is a step down from warband in my opinion.
Can anyone tell me the thought process behind this? Why would you take a franchise known for it's 4 directional skill-based blocking and keep trying to implement a meta where blocking is heavily discouraged, in favor of endless campy behavior and braindead spamming? I just don't get it.
TW, why?

Remove the delay. It objectively makes the game less-skill based and even more ridiculous and anti-new-player than even the worst of Warband.
I've also noticed blocking delay is affected by stances (what a surprise). For example, if you are in a right stance and swing right but cancel to block left, it will be slower than being in a left stance and doing that. Opposite attacks are faster to block also (left swing cancel into right block while being in a right stance). It's just so unintuitive.

I have a feeling that TaleWorlds did not adapt anything that they added to the fight system, and now every character action seems uncontrollable or not interconnected.
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I mean.. Why is this thing still in the game ...SERIOUSLY!!! I mean if it's for realistic combat experience purposes or something like that.Then..IT IS TOTAL BULL***......Realistically speaking such mechanic shouldn't exist there in the first place.A man can swing/bear his sword down n up in SPLIT-SECONDS.Without a difference in arms position(and if to be there... at least it should not be as noticable as it is now)
.DUDE......the DEV's ARROGANCE to not to change anything is some REMARKABLE HIGH LEVEL S***.To devs, it is not.... NOT... it is not fun to have such a feature in the game . PLEASE leave it....JUST leave it it feels clunky And it is pointless..
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