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Tried a bit of dueling today and it just feels as unresponsive as ever, much like movement, attacks and so on.

Then 100% confirmed the return of the damn delay.
Thanks for the warning, I won't even bother trying...

I tried duel for 2 hours and it's quite sad to see that block delay ruins it. The only skill left in a duel is blocking, but it gets ruined by block delay. basically, if you get hit by a one-handed weapon you can't block the following attacks if the opponent turns around you. Reddit fans complained about feints cuz they couldn't block them and now feints are even worse because the animations are glitched, while each movement on Warband was fluid and not glitched. The duel scene basically already reached its peak because of the block delay. Blocks should be failed because of a lack of skill not because of a block delay. This only promotes s key spam with long weapons or turning around the enemy and spam with one-handed. Yes, Warband was difficult to master, but it wasn't difficult to learn. Duel in this game has no depth at all, and overall melee fighting has no depth because it is either about who has the most armor or who has the longest weapon. Removing skill won't make new players become good, it will just make them think they are good and will limit the duel scene. By willing to make a 'realistic' game, you made it even more 'glitchy' than Warband (even though Warband wasn't glitchy it was just fast). I am pretty sure most duellists from Warband will agree with me. The block delay works on mordhau because there is stamina, but it will never be a good feature in Bannerlord, especially with the random elements of the game, such as damage or angles.

Please feel free to argue over duel in Bannerlord in general. Keep it civil please.
+1 alyss is completely right. The duels feel shallow and frustrating, and I would love it if taleworlds could take players like alyss advice (best duelist Na)
/signed +100

Mordhaus combat works entirely different, you dont need to swap block directions fast.
They need to rework how armor works aswell, the glances are just ****.
As I said it promotes skey or spam with fast weapons. At the moment, you can't block someone who has a fast weapon and who circle around you. The block animation needs to be way faster for this system to work, as it did on Warband. There is no skill in abusing attacks that can't be block.


But... you clicked on the link? :lol:

But... you clicked on the link? :lol:
Yes, but it doesn't mean that it's the good system for blocking? It worked on warband because the game was balanced between attacks and blocks. It doesn't work on bannerlord because the blocking animation is too slow.
Just finished dueling as well. Between block delays and delayed thrusts and random glances for 1 damage, duels are definitely not as fun as warband.

Everyone having different armor values and hp values when a duel starts is also a downer.

The smoothness of combat that Warband had is gone, it doesnt show as much in bigger battles and isnt as big of a deal, but in duels it's just not fun and pretty unresponsive. I prefer mordhau duels, which saddens me.
Probably the strongest agree I can give to a thread topic, and I say that as one of the primary curators of the "reddit fans". They still by and large don't play multiplayer at all, for the same reasons they didn't before, which IMO aren't mutable on the part of TW through the addition of block delay or otherwise. Fully agree it needs to be removed - after playing on the duel server for only 30 minutes I got into as many "stun lock" situations regarding block delay as I have in skirmish since it was re-added overall, both for me and my opponents.
Yes, but it doesn't mean that it's the good system for blocking? It worked on warband because the game was balanced between attacks and blocks. It doesn't work on bannerlord because the blocking animation is too slow.

Terco was just pointing out that the sentiment against block delay has been manifested many times before, and yet it's still here in some form.

But yeah, playing on duel today just reminded me of how bad blocking can still be, imho it should have a flat timing instead of being based on animation progression which essentially only ends up making it much slower whenever you're feinting or doing anything other than being idle. It's only exacerbated by some attacks landing extremely quickly, partly because of the slippery movement and arcs of swings, leaving you less time to react than the animation allows. But I've said this before on multiple occasions.
i simply do not understand the attack and block timings in this game
My god... I hope this thread will remind them of those posts you linked that never got into the argument. I also tried it in duel, and, MY GOD it ****ing suck and it is so frustrating. How did they sticked with a clunky mechanic like that?

Atleast we got to duels each other and that will do good for the game as we'll see better where the problems are.

You should start a petition against block delay.

/Signed 9000%
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+1 being able to block whenever is what warband was all about in my opinion, blocking in this game is just frustating and everyone I speak to with experience in warband is extremely annoyed by the blocking in bannerlord.
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