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I think that as you grow, you should be able to remotely manage your fiefs by either sending a companion or a runner to take your directions to the town(and maybe gold if they need it for the projects.) Of course they could only be done for what can be written down at that time and not to do multiple stages of changes in real time. Your runner would take a significant amount of time to get there, get it squared away and find you again. Who knows, maybe they could get intercepted and held for ransom?
Its fairly common in military history for someone to send a runner with a message to notify the other commanders of changing conditions in the field. If I know a big siege is on its way, slowly, to Amitatys I should be able to pull some of the 600 soldiers I have sitting in Rhotae to go reinforce them. Pay some Caravans to rush ahead with extra food to stock them up, etc. Its weird to have to physically go somewhere for my soldiers to listen to me at all. Letters with seals and codes were a well practiced thing by this period in history, official communications were a common way to give commands.

Sorry if I didnt explain it well.
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