Released Mod: War for Calradia.

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War for Calradia

his mod is basically for those who hate the fact that the player can't become king in M&B, so, with this mod, you can:

- Convince and hire lords to join your kingdom.(To do this, simply speak to any lord once you have started the rebellion, and a new option will appear in the dialogue window)

- Assign fiefs to your lords*
- *Not, as you may think, completely useless: You weekly
receive a tribute based on the fiefs your vassals have.

- From your own towns you can recruit experienced troops.

- Towns/castles/villages you own give you power points that increase the chances of a lord joining your faction, and of an enemy faction accepting peace. Power points also weekly give you special-extremely powerful troops.

- You can declare war to other factions, and ask for peace.

- You can choose your faction colour, and name.

- You can choose your faction culture.[Only once when you rebel]

- Most of the options are in the camp menu, in "Kingdom management", a chat window will open where you manage your kingdom.

- Lords will get angry if you take away their holdings, and will be less likely to obbey you.

- To change your faction name, put in the character name the name you want, and then go to the kingdom management menu, and choose the option to change fac name. Then put character name as it was, and bingo.

Important: All the MOD features start working only when you become a rebel.
1ºStart a rebellion with a pretender, and then stop the rebellion.
2ºConquer a castle/town while not being in any faction.
3ºRenounce your oath, and keep your holdings when your king refuses to give you a castle/town.

-Install instructions:

Unzip the rar file in your mb directory/modules, and you have it.

That's it, I hope someone enjoys it.

Well, I think that's all, enjoy my mod.


All suggestions, critics, questions and comments are welcome.

PS. If you find any bug, please let me now.

Hope you like it!


New version, 1.1!

-Fixed bug with relation hit when assigning fiefs.

List of suggestions:

-Improve the way lords are recruited.
-Add recruitable lords (from lord halls, main party, etc.)
-Strategic advisor

Known bugs/exploits

- For some reason, fiefs you have assigned to your lords will go back to you whenever you capture a castle.

Keep posting suggestions!



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Very nice. Is this a collaboration of codding or did you start this mod from scrap?


Wow, this slipped right under the radar. Looks like it has the same features as some other mods, but worked out in a different way. I think I saw similar features in a Swedish board.


Nope, I started from 0. I didn't even look into other mods, I wanted to do it by myself.

Question/s for those who have tried the mod:

-What did you think about being able to hire trained troops in towns? Is that feature okay? Should it be removed?

-What did you think about the experienced troops that are given to you based on the fiefs you own? Is that feature okay? Should it be removed?



As I have said before, very nice mod.
I love having all the native quality feel, while being able to run my own kingdom.

As for the training and the elite units, I'm not really sure. I remember thinking that they where kind of out of place, specially the elite units. But in the other hand, without the training and the elite units, you wouldn't have any reason to actually own fiefs for your own. Maybe if you needed a town or a castle as a capital (to manage your kingdom).

A couple of questions:
1) Do you have any idea what could be causing the thing I described in the repository about the resetting ownership of castles and villages (from my lords to me) in my game?
2) Is there any easy way I can edit the mod files to use the native arrangement of banners? Or would I have to copy and paste each banner to its previous owner in the texture file?

PS: I'm really glad that you actually added my suggestions to your to-do list  :grin:
First of all I'd like to congratulate you and thank you for this mod :smile: Me and a friend of mine have been playing it since you released it and really enjoy it. We've even added several items and an animations patch in it because we thought it's a great mod that everyone can customize as they like, all this thanks to you. I think that the kingdom management system in your mod is the best so far and should be left as it is or, if possible, improved... the only thing I have to say here is that the faction colors are not very visible on the map, at least not on dx7. As for the recruitment of troops in towns, I find that it is a good idea, you could even make it possible to hire more troops in a longer time than just five and even of lower tier, so we could shape them the way we want. The elite troops are also a nice addition. An extended troop tree would be even nicer. In conclusion, thanks for the mod and congratulations for your work, we'll be following your thread for updates  :smile: Keep up the good work!
I believe that being able to recrute elite troops in your fiefs is an excellent idea (I liked especially the Royal Guard detail). However, maybe it'd be a good idea to balance it a bit, such way that higher tier troops become available based on your Renown Rating (I'd say a self-explanatory logical approach) and the number of units based on the number of fiefs you own. I'd also add, don't bother changing the troop tree (at least not too much), they are detailed enough as they are and I believe the focus of this mod is different. The mod works perfect the way it is, adding more features may improve it, but just as well break it (besides, there are a hundred of other mods dealing with troop trees, added items, etc.).

By the way, I've just downloaded the new version - is it savegame-compatible with the old version?

EDIT: It seems the new version broke the saves, so I continued playing the old version (avoiding, of course, taking advantage of the disposition exploit). However, I have encountered 2 bugs:
1: Same as the one reported by Terminal85, the ownership resetting, except in my game it happens only for villages (towns and castles keep their ownership as it was);
2: If you convince an enemy lord to switch loyalties to your kingdom, the pre-battle screen still apears, respectively for in-field battle or siege. Most of the time there is an option to Leave, but I was given a couple of situations when I actually had to fight the poor new ally. If the respective meeting screens are impossible to change (or cancel), maybe one dialogue line can be added, so the player can leave the situation without having to start a battle...
3: I'm not sure if this one's your mod's bug, or a game bug: I had "converted" a Lord who was resting in a town which was not his fief, then besieged the town. The Lord joined the battle, we won, etc. However, when finishing with the whole thing, the respective Lord went for his business, but I noticed my party size went up to the size of the 2 priorly joined armies (and stayed like that). I don't think it was due to a sudden change in renown or whatever, since the party size went from 80-something to 200-something...

Everything else works fine... I'm really enjoying it and I'll probably gladly restart the game with a new version of your mod (which would contain some of the above fixes and suggestions). Until then, I'll keep playing the old version (Nords, Rhodoks and Khergits are still left to conquer :wink: )...

After nearly conquering all of Calradia with your mod, I'd add a few more suggestions to my previous post:

1. It would be nice to be able to recruit a Lord after defeating him in battle (a Dialogue line added in the post-battle dialogue, in case you capture him, or even after you take him prisoner, when he's present in your Party/Prisoner section or in one of your Prisons). In this way, he'd readily agree to join you, if his disposition is high enough (and bring in his fiefs), without the need of a bribe. If he doesn't like you enough, then a simple "My honour doesn't permit me embracing my foe's cause" would do... :wink:
2. The Royal Guards recruiting algorithm is a bit weird - though I believe it is based on the player's Renown: I currently have 80+ Royal Guards, all received for free, all coming in higher and higher numbers almost each time I conquer a new town/castle! :smile: The army is invincible now (I've even moved every other troop in a garrison), so maybe a bit of tweaking can be done on this point. Don't get me wrong, I like the Royal Guards a lot, my (imported) character is level 43, so it is a bit uber as well, but it still feels a bit un-balanced even comparing to that... :wink:



I'm currently lacking the necessary time to continue my work. In a few days (I believe, on thursday) I will be able to continue, and start working on the bugs and suggestions you gave. Thank you for your comments, and please, keep posting suggestions and known bugs!


Is it normal that when you acquire a new Lord, they bring whatever fiefs/castles they own with them? It feels a little bit like cheating, you can just buy everything.



First: nice mod!!

Second: i have a litte (bit) problem.. I started Swadian rebellion, collected with me 3 or 4 Swadian Lords, and now i'm triyn to take a town to let Isolla of Suno assign it to me and then withdraw from the rebellion and keep that town for my own nation (is this correct? :grin:)

While i lay siege to this town, btw, my allied rebel Lords won't join the siege

How to make those idiots join me???????????


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Awesome work Ivdiness....  quick question for you...

If it's not too much work would it be possible to release a lite version that only contains files necessary for the kingdom management stuff without the troop changes (as in capture town/castle and start your own kingdom with lord recruitment)

Reason I ask is because I've been looking at doing this for myself and I think I've given myself brain damage!!!  I have a slightly tweaked vanilla mod, purely for my own use,  with some of my own extra troops, heroes and items, and unfortunately incorporating your great mod with mine is an unbelievably difficult task, and I'm not sure I'm smart enough to pull it off :smile:

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!!!


Dont think hes been arund a couple of months. So if you want to merge mods I dont think you'll get permission soon so you may just want to go ahead and worry about it later.


chanaged War for Calradia so now has Lords and Realms textures and graphics and armor, weapons and horses also used Calradia Map Refinement V1.2 and custom music (Enya)

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