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Twilight of Chivalry is an ambitious Multiplayer mod project for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Built by veteran Multiplayer developers and players, Twilight of Chivalry aims to be the ultimate medieval Multiplayer experience.

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  • Fixed alternate weapon mode for 2h weapons
  • Implemented dozens of new poleaxes
  • Axe and bardiche textures reworked
  • Bastard swords now share the same down attack animation as 2h swords
  • Unsheathed banners now correctly align with ground level
  • Unsheathed banners now disappear after round end
  • Arrow and bow stack size reduced from 30 to 24
  • All bow base damage decreased by 1
  • All crossbow base damage decreased by 2
  • Fixed house material visual bug
  • Fixed Conquest flag names
  • Removed great bascinet helmets
  • Reverted to native banner system
  • New gamemode: Competitive, same as battle but the map selection is only comp. maps
  • Reworked map pools and selection
  • New feature: Show event maps checkbox for admins browsing maps
  • New map: Old Village by Suspicious_Man
  • Fixed English gunner melee gear
  • New event map: Village Assault
  • New event map: Snowy Forest
  • New event map: Pine Valley
  • New event map: Coastal Battle
  • Fixed snowy props
  • 46 new banners

  • Fixed Breton classes not having free shoes
  • Fixed Breton Sergent free sword equipment selection
  • Mordhau 2h & Polearm up attack animation duration increased from 0.45s ->0.6s
  • Reduced short bow accuracy 99->98
  • Reduced hunting bow accuracy 99->97
  • Reduced war bow accuracy 99->96
  • Reduced long bow accuracy 99->95
  • Reduced hunting crossbow accuracy 99->95
  • Reduced light crossbow, crossbow accuracy 99->96
  • Reduced heavy crossbow, siege crossbow accuracy 99->97
  • Reduced bow & crossbow speed rating
  • Removed up attacks for pikes and other polearms longer than 2m
  • Removed alternate javelin modes for spears
  • Added new particle effects on missiles hitting water
  • Added game_missile_launch to sync firearm sounds in Multiplayer
  • Dagger items now display they can't block
  • Changed sun altitude from 80 to 60
  • Lowered global sun lighting values (160, 140, 120)->(100, 90, 92)
  • Removed fresnel shader on armours and helmets
  • Replaced Milanese armour mesh
  • Removed jupon armours
  • Complete rework of armour categorisation
  • Complete rework of available brigandines - 1 basic and 1 upgraded for ranged, 1 medium and 1 heavy heraldic brigandines for infantry
  • Fixed TDM spawns on Bhaile and Farvale
  • Banners are now automatically equipped if selected for purchase
  • New armour: English gambeson
  • Implemented gambeson LODs
  • 70 openBrf errors fixed
  • New maps: Ruins Rebuilt, Halcyon Quay, Escape to the Country, Ghostbough, Hartonkeep, Prison Hill, Frosthaven
  • New event maps: Swamps
  • Removed Brezeliad and Darkwood Fort
  • New item: Churburg Plate for France and Brittany
  • New items: Two Corrazina versions
  • New feature: Open/close helmets with V
  • New items: 4 Sallets
  • New item: Heraldic Heavy Mail and Plate
  • Fixed flag UV issues
  • Conquest gamemode now has a spawn selector
  • Conquest gamemode now has named flags rather than flag 0, 1, 2 etc.
  • Fully automatised heraldic banner generation
  • Initial test version
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