Relationships should be related to personality, and calculated similar to Moral.

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I like to think I'm pretty good with social psychology and if there's one thing I know is that people think about social relationships and status wrong in general.
relationships are not about what happened in the past, it's always about the future.
Sometimes the past helps us foresee the future, but there are many more factors besides the past.

I suggest that we think of relationships as "how much the lord likes me" instead of "how strong our bond is" because in reality, we don't have strong bonds with anyone except for family and very few friends who are as good as family. besides those special few, everyone else doesn't care about you, but cares about what you can do for them. and that's why the game should calculate "Favor" instead of "Relationship" and it should be different between two people. for example, a lord might like a leader but the leader might not think much of him. or a leader might like a lord but the lord might prefer a different leader. so Favor in the game should vary between two people.

At the moment, in this game, relationships are dealt with as something more like currency, just like how most people thing about relationships in real life. But this is wrong, and that leads to issues with the system in-game.

The issues I'm about to mention might be hard to fix with the current system but far easier if we had a flexible system like the moral system.
so that base relationships and temporary effects can both be calculated easily.

Some Issues with current relationship system:
1. Lords don't feel better after the circumstances change:
For example if an Aserai lord starts hating me because I left their kingdom to join the empire, he will still hate me even after he joins the empire himself.
2. Lords can't let go of small things after years: 20 years ago I cut a lord in open battle, he has been holding a grudge about it since then.
3. Lords don't know what's good for their future: for example I am the leader of the strongest kingdom in calradia, but this lord (who is known to be cautious and calculating) doesn't respect me the slightest bit, because years ago I raided his village or something. but in reality, they would respect and be nice to me at least in my face because humans care about the future.

While these may be okay for "some" lords to have because it's a certain type of personality.
for example it's okay for a lord to be disrespectful towards the strongest kingdoms leader when he has the "Impulsive" personality
but for "calculating" lords, they should still respect someone in power even if they raided their village long ago.

So I have come up with a few ideas for how the system can work:
note: I'm using the word "Favor" instead of "Relationship" so things make more sense.

Negative Favor examples:
You betrayed a lords kingdom: -35 Favor for as long as he stays in his kingdom
You took over a lords town: -80 Favor for 7 years (Should NOT stack)
You took over a lords castle: -60 Favor for 5 years (Should NOT stack)
You recently attacked a lords town/castle/village/family: -50 Favor for 2 years (should NOT stack when you attack more than one town)
You recently attacked a lords clanmember/caravan: -30 Favor for 2 year (should NOT stack)
You were recently at war with a lords kingdom: -20 Favor for 1 year (should NOT stack)
You recently attacked villagers of a lords fief: -7 Favor for 2 years (Should Stack)

Positive Favor examples:
You are family: +50 base favor
You are a clan member: +30 Favor
You are a lord: +15 Favor with everyone
You are the leader of a kingdom with 1000 power: +10 favor with everyone
You are the leader of a kingdom with 10000 power: +100 favor with everyone
You are in the same kingdom with a lord: +20 Favor
This lord is in your kingdom (you're leader): +50 Favor
You gifted this lord a town: +50 favor for 6 tears
You gifted this lord a castle: +35 favor for 5 years
You recently helped with their issue: +5 Favor for 6 months (should stack and deteriorate) (so if you did someone 3 favors, it should give you +15 favor for the first 6 months, then +10 for the middle 6 months, then +5 for the last 6 months)
You have 500 Renown: +2.5 favor with everyone
You have 5000 Renown: +25 favor with everyone

Favor Outcome examples:
Lord has +10 favor towards you:
talks with slight respect
Lord has +30 favor towards you:
Talks with respect
you can ask to marry his clan members
Lord has +60 Favor towards you:
Will accept a bit of loss in barter
Will not attack your settlements or family even if at war (will attack other lords in your kingdom) (Will still attack if Dishonorable)
Lord has +90 Favor towards you:
Occasionally sends you gifts

Lord has -10 Favor towards you
Talks with slight disrespect
Lord has -30 Favor towards you
Talks with no respect
Does not barter with you
Lord has -60 Favor towards you
Will help your enemies fight against you
Lord has -90 Favor towards you
Will declare war against you when he has the upper hand.

Personality relation to Favor examples:
Merciful: Will let go of grudges in 3/4 the time (so 1.5 years instead of 2)
Honorable: Loses Favor twice as fast from negative events.
Dishonorable: High favor will not stop him from attacking your settlements or family.
Calculating: Has a +20 base favor towards everyone + Nevers talks with disrespect
Cautious: Never talks with disrespect, negative favor events last 1.5 times as long. (so when you attack his castle, he will have -50 for 3 years instead of 2)
Closefisted: You need +20 favor more than usual to benefit from his positive "outcome perks"
Impulsive: You need -20 favor less than usual to get his negative "outcome perks" (so he will declare war at -70 Favor instead of -90) + Will declare war against you at low favor even if he doesn't have the upper hand.
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