SP - General "Relationship cascade," or, why doesn't the lord care I just saved his fief's profitability?

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A small, but I think pertinent one.

I'd like to see high relationship gains cascading up the ladder. Meaning if you manage to pull 20 points of a gain from some quest for a village notable, the owner of that fief gets 5 points, too. And perhaps if the owner is not a clan leader, the clan leader gets +1 point, or if clan leader the +1 point goes to the faction ruler.

It sort of bugs me that you can do favors that affect the well-being of a fief, and get absolutely no acknowledgement of it from the fief's owner, much less the owner's circle of associates and/or overlord himself. Even if you just found a stray daughter, that means the notable who offered you the quest is no longer troubled by the situation and can direct their full attention to proper work, like making the fief owner even richer. Something the lord should be appreciative of.

If you happen to rescue a bunch of clan leaders that were taken prisoner by the enemy, why isn't the ruler appreciative of the fact that they'll get more war parties that much sooner, without lifting a finger or purse? That relationship gain with the rescued prisoners should, in small part, also be applied to the ruler.

Even better, make these "cascading" gains depend on personality traits, so that various actions or quests have differing effective results. Even bettererer, have the possibility of a fief owner, with the right traits, reward the player in some way from time to time.

So maybe that "generous" lord decides that your helping with the deserters harassing his village deserves a small gift of <mid-level piece of equipment,> and sends one to you some time after you help remove them. Though you probably shouldn't expect that "greedy" lord to ever indulge in such expenses...

Perhaps that "merciful" lord really appreciated that you helped his notable deal with family situation (Family Feud, if completed with "persuasion" not a fight), and just doing it without bloodshed results in slight increase to relationship with the lord approving of your choice of actions?

If you shaped up that noble lord into something more deserving the title of nobility (Lord needs a tutor), shouldn't your relationship with their ruler improve as well, even if by offhand remarks about your tutelage while the former pupil interacts with his peers? Why is it impossible for the former pupil to send you a gift or two over the years in appreciation of your efforts (at least assuming you didn't get them captured prisoner)?

I'd really like to see more acknowledgement of player's actions, not just by the immediately affected NPCs, but further up the ladder as well.
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