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Vary parties, whether they are armies, freight wagons or whatever, have a proximity radius such that there is a maximum distance within which a wagon can enter battle if it is close to an ally under attack.

Suppose therefore that in a given point of the map at a given moment of the day, suppose morning, there is a battle between two factions.
we therefore have 2 groups of subjects: those in battle, attacker and defender, and then the one that will act as reinforcement.

From the point of view of the army that acts as a reinforcement, this sees its "pawn" move from the campaign map until it joins the battlefield.
Since the battle started in the morning and there is a given distance between the reinforcement'spawn and the battle location, this means that during the journey the battle will already have started and there will be casualties and killings, and the position of the allied and enemy troops will depend by the strategies they followed.
At the moment the system foresees that the battle begins with the two factions placed on opposite sides of the map, as if the battle was not already in progress.
The only sign that this has already happened is the reduced number of troops compared to the initial number.
It would be a nice thing that when the reinforcements entered the battle, they found a battle still going on.
To do this we could take advantage of the same game mechanics as when our character is knocked out on the field and we can decide whether to speed up the battle (and hope to win it) or whether to press the end button.
So the battle could have started and "speeded up", therefore in the campaign map our reinforcement unit would see as always the numbers of the two forces decrease.
But once he enters the battle, his entry position will have to depend on the relative position of the pawns on the campaign map.
In addition, the battle will have already started and will resume as the simulation was already going.

The two armies in battle came into conflict by meeting their pawns on the campaign map.
both the ally and the enemy saw a possible reinforcement at a certain distance.
And this reinforcement was at a distance that could act.
On the campaign map, therefore, between the reinforcement counter and the point where the battle takes place there is a given distance, which can be filled with a time that depends on the speed of the party.
In the campaign map we know that time flows differently than being in battle (of course I would say).
So for those who are in battle, reinforcements should not be present at the beginning of the battle, but to see them coming later from one side of the map (the one from which they should theoretically arrive or from which they want to find).
In this regard, given that we have a time in the campaign map that we will call TCM, calculated as: party distance from the battalgia point divided by party speed, we can establish a TIMER FOR REINFORCEMENTS that starts from a given time that is proportional to the TCM .
Once it reaches zero, reinforcements add to the battle coming from where they entered.

In this way it is enough to set a time and if at the end of this time the reinforcements arrive, we are all happy.
If they don't come, it means he doesn't care about us.
In this way the message "party X joins the battle" will not appear, but at the most "if party X joins the battle, it will arrive after time".
So there will be the thrill of waiting ....
As when Aragorn was waiting for Gandalf at the first light of the fifth day, at the helm's deep.
They didn't know if he would arrive, but when he did, everyone gave more value to his arrival thanks to the uncertainty of his arrival and the time they had to wait before he arrived.

Whether the time is visible in battle and relegated to some corner or invisible or that this is given in the campaign map and that's it, I leave it up to you and the developers to choose.
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