SP Native Reign of Sword - new weapons pack

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A small mod adding new sharp tools for disposing your enemies.

The mod contains complete swords, which should appear in stores, as well as many new crafting parts. The new parts are correctly set up to work with existing Native crafting pieces, giving you a lot of new combinations. You'll find all of the new crafting stuff in the new crafting category "Rare Twohanded Sword" on the bottom of the crafting category list in the Forge.

Some of the models originate from my old, unpublished "Reign of Sword" mod for first M&B game, hence the name. Still, I made most of the new stuff from scratch.

Currently added:
- Claymores - 3 swords and 8 crafting parts
- Zweihanders and Flamberge - 3 swords and 16 elementów do craftingu
- Uthred's of Bebbanburg ("The Last Kingdom" TV series) "Serpent-breath" - 1 sword and 4 crafting parts
- William Wallace's ("Breveheart") Claymore - 2 swords and 6 crafting parts

Total new crafting parts: 34

More coming soon...