Regarding some changes in the last multiplayer update

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So last week update added a few things to the multiplayer aspect of the game, introduced the clan system that i like alot but still needs some improvements like giving roles to clan members and a easier way to find another clan to battle, but the reason i made this thread was to complain about the nerfs regarding, bows, javelins/pilas and throwing axes, they all look innacurate or slow, i really enjoyed using all this stuff but now it's just really bad to aim/ use it, (i enjoyed stuff more before the update), and all this changes also made some units in the captain mod scene worst...all ranged and skirmish units got slower in shooting and the aiming is way off , for example khan guards are so bad now that my team doesn't waste time shooting arrows they are just a better fighting unit, it takes so much time for the units to shoot now that when they have a clear line of shot they're already being harrased by the enemy and they only shot couple of arrows so i believe in that aspect the update was unnecessary. Some of the fixes are ok and some units got a deserved improvement (oaths) but some just got nerfed badly :neutral:

Also battania faction still needs alot of work and the update didn't improve anything at all, still the worst faction:meh:
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