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Greetings all!

Starting this Friday July 3rd. we'd like to invite you all to play and test the multiplayer of the Reforged Edition.
Several things are changed, such as balancing, new scenes and the new game mode 'Raid'.
We would like some feedback on this and hope you can join us. This is a chance to voice your opinion.

A server will be set up Friday at 9 AM (GMT) and then you're free to join.  :razz:

Please report bugs here:,335048.0.html

NOTE: the server is in Europe, so players in the west and east will experience high ping.


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:sad: No active players in the morning and evening need to play by myself also hope devs come more often coz i like playing with devs :grin: i do it every time i can


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...Unable to join game mode... :sad:
...when I enter into the server it appear only one screen and nothing more, please someone restart it...

Hi guys,
I just want to let you know that I will change some values in the Raid server in order to find the correct gold balance in this mode. If you find it too easy for one of the team let me know and I would change the values.
Last Gentleman said:
Last Gentleman said:
a lot of players are sad, because there is no good balanced server for Viking Conquest multiplayer games  :cry:
So we need a rebalanced server like this:
Game type: Battle
Allow ranged friendly fire Yes
Allow melee friendly fire Yes
Friendly fire damage self 70 - 100
Friendly fire damage friend 30 - 0
Spectator camera Free
Control block direction By mouse movement
Combat speed Medium
Map time limit (minutes) 30 - 40
Team point limit 10
Respawn period (seconds) 10
Starting silver 160 -220
Combat silver bonus 100

Allow polls to kick player         yes
Allow polls to ban player         no
Allow polls to change game type yes
Allow polls to change maps yes
Allow polls to change fractions yes
Auto team balance threshold  4

Allow individual banners yes
Disallow ranged weapons no (allow ranged weapons)
Force minimum armor no
Allow shield bash yes
Allow falling from horse yes
Allow shield wall bonuses yes
Remove stray horses (0=off) 0

(red=very important)
That would be a perfect Server!  :grin:
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