Reduce speed penalty for using shields

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the new speed penalty of having a shield makes infantry combat impossible to win in engagements where your opponent has archer/ranged support

this mechanic is new and was not in warband

in warband everything was weight based so having a shield only made you as slow as the weight of the shield (negligible)

in bannerlord if you have a shield equipped there is a speed penalty greater then the weight of the shield would justify (although bannerlord does not follow the weight system)

in engagements where you are outnumbered you have to drop your shield to avoid getting surrounded by enemy infantry

if there are any enemy archers/javelins then you would be killed when you drop your shield

therefore an infantryman is guaranteed to be killed in any situation where he is outnumbered and the enemy has ranged weapons

to reduce this ranged/archer meta i propose we take away the new speed penalty of shields and go back to the weight system of warband
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