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Red Wars Reborn [B] 1.85 released

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Lor Dric

Sneak peek

unmatched tryend at game start fixed
floating black holster removed
sieg heil removed
top hats adjusted
pretenders have modern clothing
weapon and ammo modifiers removed
ground textures replaced
shaders modified
added last 4 factions kingdom ladies
updated the MP troops
added the last 4 kingdoms troops to MP
all guns work when on horseback
bows have been removed from MP AI
redid grenades
redid troop trees
redid world map
all the kingdom banner shields for MP score have been added
all MP AI arrows and bolts have been replaced with bullets

1.85  http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-red-war-12/downloads/the-red-wars-185

Lor Dric

getting the factions balanced

2 of the new factions

Looks like I'm going to have to start my own thread so I can post uploads and have a mod list info box

Lor Dric

MP player troops factions 1-3



Sergeant at Arms
Do you have any idea when this new version of Red Wars will be released? The screenshots look amazing, love the uniforms!

Lor Dric

maater66241 said:
Do you have any idea when this new version of Red Wars will be released? The screenshots look amazing, love the uniforms!

maybe later today or tomorrow depending on upload time


Hi LorDric,

Couple of comments after playing this version (1.75).
1. wercherg mayor is standing on top of a tank and is unreachable (no way to talk to him)
2. warfare bullets, mg bullets, and other bullets are "bolts" rather than "bullet" type thus un-usable.
3. swazi sniper rifle (drop loot) is un-usable by anyone, looks like it has an invalid min requirement.
4. when assaulting Praven, the enemy troops come out to meet my army and both groups start at the same spot, i would expect some distance between the 2 armies.
5. can u pls add the option where a normal trooper can be promoted to be a "hero", eg like in empire iii, iv, reckoning 3rd stage 188 ?



Visited all towns on the map, including across the sea.  All taverns had a tavern keeper except Easton in the Confederacy of Balion.  I found 2 towns in Kergit territory that the interiors of the taverns were incomplete: in Helmar there was only a counter that everyone was standing and facing:

and in Ichamur some of the wall panels looked like they were missing a texture:

  Anything else you want me to concentrate on?


On 1.80, 

I see the message "unable to find mesh alvion_pistol_advanced" at some of the weapons dealer.

Lor Dric

for 1.85

faction 10 lords added
appoint regulars as companions added
bodyslide removed
faction 10 holdings added
british uniforms added to mechandise
tavern keeper added to easton
2 more bullet types added
sarranid troops have cartrides now
can't retreat bug fixed
can't leave battlefield after knockout fixed
all troops should have melee weapons now
some town scene work has been done
faction 10 ladies fixed
swazi sniper rifle is usable now, no longer loot, just merchandise
missing tavern scene replaced
faction 10 reinforcements added
faction 10 banner and map flag added
plains normalmap replaced
character notes works now
battle continuation added


First of all, one big THANK YOU, Lor Dric.

I really like this mod and I’ve already given hope, that it will be continued - it really made my day. :smile:

Second, a I have few bugs to report for version 1.85 - and if this is not the proper place, please point me there - it just seemed to me, that “gulag” subforum is no longer used.

All visited towns so far:
Door from tavern lead to Town Hall
Door from Town Hall lead to Town Hall

Suno town:
All folks including traders are at the center of the town square, not moving.

All units have proficiency Firearms set to zero (bug or feature?)

grenade and heavy grenade: there are no difference in damage, weight, speed nor price
Light grenade is more expensive, but other stats seems also the same

Eastern rifle item icon in inventory looks really weird. (Diagonal white rifle and vertical colored rifle)

Helvetian and Machine gun bullets are exactly the same, except in name.

“The good stuff” - armor merchants have from the begining very good armors, but weapons merchants do not have any rifles or automatic weapons in stock. Bug or feature? (Played about 10 days, lvl 12, visited most of the cities)

Automatic weapons not automatic (even for companions) - I believe previous versions implemented automatic fire for NPCs (not for player). But I observed only single shots in battles, even when I’ve equipped my companion with looted Wercheg-1915.

Lor Dric

tournaments removed
eastern rifle fixed
weapons dealer carries rifles now
troops now have firearms wp
moved bank and ship in game menu to where they should have been they were messing up the passages
passages should work right now still have to check entry points in the town center
poison gas grenades added, 650 kill radius if the troops don't have gasmasks, hurts friend or foe only for player or companions to use
made grenade damage radius bigger for all grenades, 350, 450, and 550
cartridges icon now a clip
working gasmasks
you get 6 light grenades now
helvetian bullets do plus 3 damage and cost more now
grenades only hurt enemie troops


Very nice! How many mods are you working on, dude?  :razz:
The should make you honorary member of Warband modding or sth.
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