Recruiting Xerina, Dranton and Kradus

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I have seen this mentioned before, but not in much detail so here goes:

I think it would be great to be able to recruit the three arena grand champions (Xerina, Dranton and Kradus) as heroes like Marnid and Borcha.

To stop this from being too easy you would have to defeat them a certain number of times (perhaps their level i.e. Dranton would have to be defeated 42 times to be recruitable) and if that's not enough then maybe you would have to pay them (just initially, not forever.) The price could range from 1000 denars to 5000 denars for each of them (I would pay that much to have Kradus on my side with a lance, heh heh.)

So who supports this idea (p.s. Leprechaun initially gave some thought to this idea.) I just thought that I would acknowledge that as a sign of respect.



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You're two years too late. Sometime in 2005, someone came out with a recruiting the arena champions mod. But that was for an old version. If you asked a modder nicely, he might do a quick patch up for you.


In .7xx versions, I actually used the unofficial editor so I could hire Baron Rolf from Dhorak Keep, all the merchants Counts, Slave Traders, Arena heros, the trainer, Kidnapped Girl and Constable Hareck to my party. So basically I had like a whole army of heros that couldn't die. Then I modified what they say and do, so I made them all act like Borcha or Marnid.


There are many such mods that include the gladiators as recruit-able heroes. Band of Warriors, for example, for 808.

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i think its a pretty good idea though, hopefully if we get more new characters down the track we won't need this to happen ( not saying that i wouldn't like it but new characters always r cool).
Yes, I definetly I agree with you, Chilly5.

I mean, can you imagine having a level 42 Dranton wiping out your enemies for you with a sword or lance? I can and it would be sweet...

My brother actually has his own separate set of save folders for mount and blade and using cheats he showed me that Kradus is actually a higher level and has better stats... a scary thought if he were given a deadly weapon and unleashed against you...

Xerina's stats were actually lower than either Dranton's or Kardus' (so much for her beating the hell out of the guys; statistically speaking they would have an advantage over her if given the exact same equipment as her and either one was to fight toe-to-toe with her...)

Six heroes would be awesome, especially if given armies to command... *imagines himself clothed in a tunic and pants of jewel encrusted gold* (which would be very pretty, but also very heavy...)
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