Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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You may be noticing that we are getting more and more Rekruts each day. Be sure to welcome them into the regiment if you happen to see them in Teamspeak!
Training Weant well you all did good. I am really happy with the idea of Zugs.  :mrgreen:



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wouter227 said:
I just came by to say hi and let u know ur promo video is indeed orgasmic, and while u were at the Waterloo event Millander, I was in Brussels my home country watching the reenactment of Waterloo irl :>, anyways your regiment seems to be doing awesome! keep it up and I cant wait to be back home form my vacation and join you and the 1er Grenadiers at the sunday LB!

Oh and what Aventori said, Napoleon himself quoted along these lines: "I do not believe in bad regiments, I only believe in bad Colonels"

Not pointing any fingers but I stand by this saying :smile:

Keep it up Milly!

could it be? Psycho actually agrees with me! What a glorious day!  :razz:

I really need to start doing this again, if zugs are what people claim they are.
Schedule :

Sunday : 2am EST JAWS!

Monday : 2am EST : The last Samurai

After these two what movie do you guys want to see. Im down for Back to the Future,
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