Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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DarthZionn said:
A Freikorps Ranker stabbing a French guy through the chest!


Highly inaccurate an officer of the Garde and especially the Grenadiers would never be killed by a enlisted man with only his pistol drawn. as soon as melee is an inevitably he would have drawn his blade and dove into the fight after ordering his mighty grenadiers to dive into the fray!  :wink:
Hmmm, new NW update. You can now: surrender to the enemy by pressing "p".
                                                    Change your 3rd person view distance with + and
Plus up attacks are apparently the same as down attacks now. It seems that they are saying the ONLY difference is the block direction. And all bayonet melee range has been decreased slightly.
Melee is different, but from playing for about 10 minutes, it almost feels easier. Maybe I was just facing bad people.
Sigh guys I see this not working..... Many officers.....
Training went well but we kept repeating everytime the SAME thing.....
To mainstream i guess.... :???:
Scrimmage: Went good first round infantry died only 4 ncos left and TWO line inf.... not to mention one is learning to command while he is a higher rank? Come on....
Perhaps you didn't realize that we fended off literally the entire enemy team with this system. As the FIRST time we have tried this, it went amazingly well. And trust me the NCOs are necessary. I don't know what you mean about the higher rank learning to lead....
"it will never be as bad as teaching the 9te double rank for the first time" no need to be mean to the 9te, there are no bad followers, only bad leaders
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