Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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As many of you probably have already heard, Thore is most likely leaving. Whether you thought he was awesome and your favorite NCO, or if you thought he was a **** (screw you) it is impossible to deny that he was an important and valuable member of our regiment. He has one of the most intricate personalities, and the voice and mind of a true leader. Following him into battle has been a pleasure that I hope all of you got a chance to experience that. He'll still be around, but this marks the end of his 1stFKI service. Give him your farewells, add him on Steam. Also, if you want to see more of him, Thore leads an Arma realism unit called the 15th Panzergrenadiers. Talk to him (or me) about it if you want to join. It's hella fun.
Thore, I would like to thank you for being a good leader.  Trust me, you did awesome from the last battle and hopefully you won''t leave.  But, if you do, thank you for being awesome.  Also, thank you for your service to our country.
Thank you Doctor, Millander, Jack, Jill, Union. And all of the other countless names that I can not name. I may or may not stay as I feel personally that I have out stayed my welcome in the 1stFKI and that I will/wont progress any further due to this. I will think very hard on this and my final decision WILL be made tonight.
Well, I don't think you overstayed your welcome at all. It's been awesome having you more active lately. If you feel that your time is up here, then that's you. Do what makes you happy, it isn't my or anyone else's position to try to pressure your decision. Just know that you will either be gladly kept in the unit or honorably discharged, whichever decision you make.
Officer Meeting will be held later today for the Discussion of Many topics.

Some in which we will discuss will be

Possibly More NCO's

The Making of a attendance sheet (to remove innactives)

Along with a variety of other things.

Also as of posting this we have the most replies and views of any NW regiment thread.
Once we are finished we will further discuss what we have talked about with the whole regiment and get all of your guy's input.

And since Today is our day of would any of you like to play a fun little boat battle vs the 29th if they are down?
Boat battle: Hell yes!
And I'd like to say, if anyone has any issue that they feel should be addressed, feel free to tell Millander or me, or any NCO for that matter. If you really believe it is important enough to be discussed, then I'm sure we can do something about it. The inclusion of everyone in the regiment is something that is important to me, so don't hesitate to say something if you think there is a legitimate problem, or just a suggestion.
Thore, you were an amazing NCO in battle as well as a great leader on and off the battle.... sad to see you leave but whatever makes you happy, like doc said, thats what you should do
Also a new Rekrut by the name of BlaxkFox has uploaded a video of the battle yesterday :grin:

I also did a remix to put up on my channel
Congrats to the new promotedees (that is a word).
GermanMan: Musketeer -> Gefreiter
Koolkiller69: Musketeer -> Korporal
Mercer: Musketeer -> Korporal
SirUnion: Musketeer -> Korporal
Goober: Korporal -> Unteroffizier
Raven: Korporal-> Unteroffizier
Hunter: Unteroffizier -> Feldwebel
DoctorS.: Unteroffizier -> Feldwebel
Thore: Feldwebel-> Leutnant
All current NCOs have been moved up a rank to allow room for new ones. These are because of some Zugs that will be added. If you want more info talk to an NCO or CO about it!
oh gawd i have to listen to koolkiller now? Regardless congratulations to the new round of promotees and just so you guys know, 3 makes a pattern, it would be nice to not have everyone be an NCO.

Also although i only saw you once, you will be missed thore.
i couldn't wait a minute to see you were staying? Ah well bumping is good, Honored to be the first guy to say....yay?
I was about to say. But like I said, these NCO positions are necessary for the new Zugs. Each Zug will have a leader, and each Zug has its own NCO staff, chosen by the leader. So basically, we needed double the people we had. This will most likely mark the end of NCO promotions for a while, except for a special case or two if they arise.
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