Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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Haven't had any time to play for awhile now, sorry to become inactive.  Feel free to take me off the active roster if you haven't already done so.  Hopefully in the future I will have enough time to get back into it.


Linebattle was interesting, had to leave early though. Wasn't much fun anyway with an average of 200 ping. Our new guys could use alot of improvement though. I recommend going on united_na_nw for about atleast an hour a day. It's fun and gets you better.
Everyone (new and old) please pay extra special attention at the trainings from now on. We really need to buckle down and get serious, which is why the private linebattle was canceled for tomorrow. You'd be surprised at what just one training can accomplish. And now that Goober is back, there will be many optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED trainings that everyone should attend if possible. I was a little surprised that everyone left tonight when many new people need to learn our formations.
Oh the memories!
That was a good optional training, hopefully everyone who was a bit confused was helped by it. Remember there is still a normal training at 8PM EST! This one is NOT optional!!
Doctor Scherzando said:
Remember there is still a normal training at 8PM EST! This one is NOT optional!!
I was starting to panic and think I had missed the training.  :???:

Well, I'll try and be there tonight.
Sorry for the double post, but I might be a bit late and/or have to leave early for today's training. Not positive, but just wanted to let you guys know.

Also great training I think be were 28 at our best!

The teamspeak

Here are the screens I took!





Now would you guys like to start trainings half a hour later from now on or keep it at this time?
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