Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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Guys please remember that we've have switched from the 2PM EST Sunday Linebattle to a NA linebattle at 8 PM EST.
And by the way Millander, IMPLEMENT THE NEW RANKS NOW! Again, Schutze or Volkssturm are the only options besides Fusiliers to replace Rekrut that I can see. NOW!
Oosten said:
So how soon do you think we will get the private LB with the 1erVL? :grin:
Just some thoughts about melee, which I think is one, if not the worst, problems among our ranks so far. After around 3-4 hours we played in TDM yesterday, I went from being 8 kills and 20 deaths, to 31 kills and 15 deaths. Only like 10 or so people seem to regularly play Team Deathmatch when you invite them to, so maybe mandatory TDM practice time would be something you could consider?
Honestly, from the amount I benefited from it yesterday, this kind of practice can be so effective that it would be stupid for people NOT to do this. Just a thought, but I know you are already aware of this.
Anyway, people should take it upon themselves to improve their skills. It will make the game more enjoyable for you and the entire regiment!!!
So i got to LA, CA last night...the chicks here arent as great as what they were hyped up to be


anyways i may be in LA but ill still be active so no fears

and btw i will be traveling a lot this summer
Glad to hear my friend.

Training at 8pm EST today folk. It will consist of a bit of formation and allot of shooting training. Afterward we should all go on United and Play :grin:
Tunnels here,

Can't make it today either.

First of all, Finals are this week.
Second, I left my house key inside my house -.-. At the library doing my thing....
Training was Meh low attendance.

The Battle against the 29th was extremelly intense to lead I had to pull all my skills together ofr it xD

Proud of how you guys did. I definitely recommend members to just chill in ts with us and play team deathmatch. In just a couple days you can get pretty darn good.
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