Recruiting North American Light Infantry-15e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde

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built my computer just now...hopefully everything is working right. Installing windows as we speak (on laptop atm). Hopefully i'll get my first chance to play with the 1st fki tomorrow.
welcome back aventori and my bad ive been busy and couldnt make the linebattles on saturday and sunday... i was at saturday for a tiny bit to remind u to take attendence but i will be at training tomorrow (technically today)
Lol...having some fun with yaya right about now...apparently he likes me...

The new video is great. I would make it shorter by cutting out the parts where we are just shooting across the river
Due to the lack of NCO/Officers im going to be opening NCO applications soon. If you feel that you have what it takes to lead I will make some type application form. If I want you as a NCO (dont take it the wrong way if I dont) I will give you on the job training. You must be very active,diciplined and be able to command attention and respect from your peers.

For other members please don't be envious of other members rise through the ranks. The regiments needs this and it is most dire. I doubt we will have to do this in the future,

Also next weekend ill get the time for that instructional video xD
If your above applicant  your eligible to try. Just pay attention to what I do tonight and some of it might rub of on you  :lol:

Also in recent news karmazov has been demoted from Unteroffizier to Gefrieter due to him not having enough time for the regiment due to jobs n such.

Also there is a chance ill be enlisting NCO's from experienced members of the community that I know,

As well as im planning on phasing out croushing double rank firing in favor of standing firing (2nd rank dressing) as well as firing in volleys more often.

After a couple event I will weigh to see which is better.
Hope to see you there :grin:

Also we have added 2 more event to our schedule.

Saturday North American Conquest Event.

Sunday North American Linebattle.

Event ditched

Saturday French Conquest Event

Sunday (Lances) EU Linebattle
I'll definitely be more aware of strategy and commands, although I have already been trying to focus pretty hard on them. I feel like I shouldn't try to rush up the ranks so quickly. I mean, I've only really been playing for around three weeks, even though it feels like more. Anyway, there are more deserving and longer serving members that should probably get priority over someone like me.
Don't get me wrong, an NCO position sounds sexier than hell though!  :cool:
What is your steam name? : Russiandude212

Do you have a mic? : Yes

What is your in game name? : Russian

Do you have, or are you able to get, Teamspeak 3? (Required) : I have it

Will you be active and participate with the regiment starting day one? : Yes, I will be a very active player

What is your experience in the mod?  IF you have been in a regiment before write why you left. : I started playing the mod since the first day it came out, but I've never been in a regiment and would like to try it out.

In which country are you located? (We only Accept North Americans) : USA (EST time)

What is your age? 19

How did you hear about our regiment? : Heard some guy in-game talking about it (forgot name)

Do you swear to uphold the code of conduct and fulfill your obligations to the regiment? : Can't swear but I do agree to them
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