(RECRUITING NEW TEAM) Chaos War Warband(Coming Soon)

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    • Kotaru Empire 100%(Roman-like Faction)
    • Bushin Kingdom 100%(Chinese-Japanese combination units)
    • Buyong Clan - A vassal of Bushin Kingdom (100%)
    • Saikan Clan - A vassal of Bushin Kingdom -Rivals the Buyong (80%)
    • Fenin Kingdom 100% (Greek-like faction)
    • The Holy Council 50%(Medieval European)
    • Black Khanate (Mongol) 80%
    • Quadriyah Kingdom (Middle East) 60%
    • Music 100%(More have been added to satisfy the blood thirstiness of war)
    • Sounds 100%
    • MAP 0% Anyone interested in doing this?


    As you can see, the Northern Kingdom has been changed to Bushin Kingdom and the Kotaru Empire is a new faction. The barbarians has been eliminated because it is not ideal for them to create civilized empires. The main story that will be in the version after the upcoming will feature many plot-twists, many characters, and lots of bloodshed. Stay tuned. If anyone is still watching this board, please suggest a faction.


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Faction NO 5: The Heretics
they are basically old soldiers from the holy order only they disagreed with the religion and were tortured greatly.
they now have escaped from the holy jails and are planning their revenge!
some of the heretics even sacrificed their souls to their dark god for improved battle prowess...

TROOPS: some Barbarian style troops and Black Legion style troops.

Heretic Recruit - Heretic Killer - Heretic Assassin - Heretic Master Assassin - Heretic Wraith
Heretic Recruit - Heretic Fighter - Heretic Madman - Heretic Berserker - Heretic Destroyer
Heretic Recruit - Heretic Fighter - Heretic Bladesman - Heretic Horseman - Heretic Cavalier - Heretic Doom Rider
Heretic Recruit - Heretic Fighter - Heretic Bladesman - Heretic Deathbringer - Heretic Curse Warrior
Heretic Recruit - Heretic Fighter - Heretic Yeoman - Heretic Sharpshooter - Heretic Fallen Bowman

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I would also advise changing the name of the Kotaru Empire to something more Latin sounding. As it stands, it sounds anything but Roman.

As for the fifth faction, you could either follow the Khergit steppe-people theme, or the Vaegir Eastern European theme. The M&B vanilla factions actually filled in most of the regional "stereotypes" - so to speak - pretty well.


All factions will be *loosely* based on their real-life counterparts. Kingdom policies and units will be modified to have a little bit of originality. You might see a roman civilization with mongols nicely blended in. Who knows?

By the way, is anyone interested in map-making? Anyone interested in joining team for any specific/unspecific role?


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How about from holy council to the Holy Magna Empire? basicly the Holy Roman Empire like faction.


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Yay! this mod is not dead! (although I received no steam message in a long time...)
EDIT: to help mapppers I found a tool http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,5646.0/topicseen.html
called Thorgrim map editor for MBW! I am sure it will help


keep watching sir,i've played the original mount&blade version and it's great,i'll keep watching on this mod  :mrgreen:
uhm,can i ask a question? why do you name a roman-like fation "Kotaru Empire"?
it looks like japanesse to me  :???:
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