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So I have created my own imperial faction and kingdom. Am I now sposed to be able to start the mini game to bring in minor clans? Is there a minimum relation level to start it? I only have the option to add clans as mercenaries? Can someone help me with this please? This is like my third try at this?


Minor clans can be only recruited as mercenaries. Regular clans can be recruited to be your vassals; these are clans that are part of other factions in the game and usually possess fiefs. The easier clans to recruit are the ones that lost their fief.

In order to recruit them you have to speak to the clan leader, pass a mini-game (relations affect your chances, not starting the mini-game) and then they will require a large sum of money. The money depends on their relations to their liege, if they have fiefs, etc. It can easily go up to a few millions depending on their current position.

edit: If they say that their happy with their current liege it means that you do not have the money to recruit them; then the mini-game will not be available to save you the time.
They (Clans)consider several things in order of importance:

1: Their own fiefs and finances, no fief = easy to get, less money they have, the easier too. Clans with a fief are very expensive (like 1m-2m) sometimes and only bring thier fief if you're at war with thier faction

2: Power situation of thier faction versus yours. When their faction is ****'d and you're is okay, they are easier to get. The power is the field parties + garrisons (not militia), the more fiefs and clans (parties) your faction has the more attractive you are!

3: Thier relation to thier ruler and thier relation to you. If they like thier king they are hard (expensive) to get and more likely to flip flop back to that faction later, but if they don't like them but have a good relation to you, they are easier and will stay.

When a lord flat out refuses you it means the hypothetical amount of money they would want to turn is just too great compared to what you posses, the devs did this so you don't waste your time on the persuasion dialogue only to not be able to get them anyways.

SO go after those poor home less clans (make some too by taking thier fiefs!) , defeat them and release after battle for +relations, hire some merc clans and you'll be getting vassals in not time (maybe...)! The more you have the easier it is to get more because you power goes up!

Just to be clear, you cannot compensate for them having a fief or you faction being much weaker then theirs's just by having high relations. A lot of people assume so, but it isn't so. It will help for sure but they need to be poor, scared and preferably mad at king too!


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That's a great assessment.

From my experience, any negative relations makes it virtually impossible to recruit easily or keep a clan for long. And you the moment they join you, you're going to be presented with decisions that cost the relationship. (fief votes, war votes). So I tend to do a little work before I recruit - to ensure I have a relationship buffer of 40 or 50+... so hunt their parties down... catch and release.... catch and release...

Also, be selective. Clans with lots of people/kids with no land are better for you in the long term. They bring potentially 500-700 troops, over that weak clan that almost begs to join with one member under 60 and only one party of 80 troops.

You might also consider their personality traits - I try to avoid clans with too many cruel party leaders - It just starts costing too much to not burn every city you take down, and you'll notice that certain characters constantly try to start wars you don't want, or wars when you're at war.

If you're the leader of the faction, do everything you can to gain influence - work the laws, build forums, build armies and keep only your parties in them. Or more sinisterly, Keep masses of food on you and keep your armies in the field for too long so that the parties run out of food. Do it early, so you don't have to force votes that cost masses of influence later. If you can guarantee 15, 20, 30 or more influence per day, you can keep your clans happy by donating influence to them, and you can win/override votes no matter the cost.

The influence you acquire is much more valuable than the money you spend on clans in the long term.
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