Recovering from casualties almost impossible in this game?

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- but still - whats the fun of getting the campaign map after a week?
Well...I guess most of us do not want to and this is a completely different problem not related to battles. We have indeed nothing much else to do than fight battles. This is a problem of the whole game! That replenishing armies makes the game a bit more challenging, because the AI cheats is a rather weak argument. From another point of view I could state: Being vassal in Bannerlord is some kind of whack tower defense with unlimited levels. Because I whack lord stacks. If I capture something, it is gone some moments later either because my braindead liege gave the fief to some landless goon or my prisoners fled or vanished from my dungeons. This clearly working as intended for a sandbox low fantasy game.


It should be hard to recover from heavy casualties, and I think the game handles it fine. Is it frustrating? Hell yes. Does it need to change? Hell no.

Bannerlord is one of the few games that actually makes me think about my alternatives and what I'm about to do because the consequences actually sting. Do I want to join that battle? I might end up helping my faction but lose half my army doing so? Is it really worth taking that castle?

No, I think it's fine as it is.
So according to you, if I kill enough of their waves, their garrisons should all be depleted and they will only attack me with tier 1 troops?
I don't recall that ever happening to me. In my experience they keep coming back with huge hordes of horse archers.
yep. it takes a lot of victories, but they will begin having armies made up mostly of tier 1-2 troop.


Yes but the problem is that it works only one way, against you.
In my experience the enemy lords seem to always come back with huge armies made of trained troops.
Take the Khuzait for example, in every playthrough that I tried to overthrow them and take over their cities, they just kept coming back with endless armies, and each time a huge chunk of their army was horse archers.
How can they come back everytime with horse archers like nothing happened is beyond me.
Cutting their heads off like somebody suggested is not really an option because:
1) If you want them later on as your vassals you gotta keep them alive
2) Even if you don't need them and don't mind executing them, doing so, for some odd reason will upset your vassals and in no time you will have -100 relation with every single one of your vassals.

Odd because I can't count the number of times I have came across a lords army that was 90% made up for Tier 1 and 2 Troops. Also the reason why Khuzaits come back as Horse Archers is because it is ridiculously easy for them to get horse archers. They get Horse archers as a Tier 2 upgrade. It takes nothing for them to upgrade a Nomad to a Tribal Warrior especially since AI lords don't need to buy horses to upgrade an infantry to cavalry. The other two Horse Archer factions are the Aserai and Imperial faction. Aserai get horse archers at Tier 4 and the Imperial at Tier 5 which means neither of them have many horse archers.
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