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It's a real shame that the old mbrepository is now down. I was able to retrieve a couple of the files from the repository and reupload them onto moddb.

OSP M&B Hair Models:

OSP Helmets pack:

OSP Weapons pack:

Talak's Unique Armory:

Jame's Weapons pack:

Stoned's Weapons pack:

maw's Armor pack:

maw's Shield pack:

Subotai's Female Armor minimod:

Rathos' Shields pack:

Rathos' Weapons pack:

Runico Weapons and Helmets package:

Runico's Native Mod Pack::

wanderer's Longbarded Horses package:

wanderer's Armored Horses package:

wanderer's Half Cataphracts package:

These were the main modder's resource files I could find from mbrepository that were not uploaded anywhere else. For your interests, I did find these mbrepository finds on Nexus Mods and the files are still in working order:

wanderer's Tribal Horses:

wanderer's Yes More Horses package:

wanderer's Plated Chargers:

Runico's Swords, Maces, and Axes:

Runico's Katanas:

Addonay's Eleven Weaponry:

Addonay's Classical Weaponry:

Hope that helps out the modding community and helps preserve some of the mbrepository files and history.

Note: the moddb files need authorisation before they are made available for downloading, so let me know if the links are not up after a day or two.


No problem. Glad I could help out. It would be a shame to see all these modding resources go to waste.


The majority. I tried doing searches for each of these files, and I think the only one that came up was Talak's unique armory (though it was hard to find). I figured placing them on moddb would be easier access for everyone and help preserve the files. The main reason I started to do this was that OSP Hair mod on Nexus was corrupted, so I wanted a way to preserve some of the older mbrepository files for modding usage.


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Holy guacamole. I contacted Jason Scott from / Archive Team in 2019 to backup the whole site, and I think they did for the most part with their fancy scrapper bots. Hopefully.

Did they miss anything? Everything should be downloadable from*/*. Maybe I should have done it myself, but I counted on them doing a good job. As @Janus has a backup from 2017 I think we can potentially fill out the holes.
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I say, I remember there was a pack on MBRepository that had some modern-ish items, among these were an American football helmet and an 'afro' hairstyle hat. The items were lo-poly, most likely made for MnB Classic. Anyone know the pack?
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