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Many of our modders here use Adobe Photoshop. This thread is for posting good tutorials on the program that you have found useful and think will be useful to others. There are many less good ones out there and the better ones are sometimes hard to find.

Here's a start:

Wood texture tutorial
Useful dirty metal tutorial

I'll update the list with more links I hope you post.

Thanks  :smile:


Knight at Arms
Here is a good one:

Seriously though, 3d total has some fairly good photoshop tutorials in their tutorial section:


Master Knight has good photoshop tutorials. The full range.  Max tutorials too.  But it costs money you say? Naaaa.

Search for "friends of deke" and youll get a code for a free week.


Sergeant Knight
Here's one by spong for editing M&B textures.  It helped me a lot,25807.msg687136.html#msg687136
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