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Food population resources

In terms of policy, there are three major policies: economic, agricultural and military

Diplomacy includes peace talks, declaration of war and alliance

First of all, we should do a good job in the content of food. Food is generated by the village as the basic resource. The function of the village should mainly produce food. The production of food includes breeding, animal husbandry and farming. According to the existing content, calculate the maximum food that can be produced by each village and how many people can eat, and then multiply it by the variable (the weather function is the best choice for the variable)

The main control of food affects the life and health of the population, affects the length of the war, and affects economic fluctuations

As the main role of economic and military labor force, the population will increase or decrease according to the amount of food. In case of war, the population of settlement project will decrease. It can be filled into the game in the form of refugees in case of serious population shortage, so as to avoid the collapse of the game due to population shortage

Population economy: it mainly reflects the income generated by the number of population to the economy. In principle, the more the population, the more active the economy, and the higher the tax income

Military population: mainly reflected in conscription

Population and labor force: affecting the construction of settlement projects

In terms of resources, I think we should separate resources and increase the number of resources. The role of resources has an impact on the construction of settlement projects, the production of weapons and equipment and the daily use of the people

Resources can be distributed in specific large map areas to generate resource points in the form of hiding places. The project country can send soldiers to occupy and build collection equipment for collection. The occupied place will have the right to collect the resources. Other countries can plunder the right to collect resources through war (the country has the reason for war at the same time) It is suggested that the amount of resources should be controlled well or a large map should be made directly in the form of settlements (the effect of hiding place can be used. After discovery, the country will send soldiers to occupy it)

Rich resources can also affect skills such as iron making engineering

Policy: increase fiscal revenue through three main policies (adjust taxes to change the fiscal revenue of the territory) to promote economic development, increase food production, promote agricultural development, increase military strength and enhance military strength


I think cooking can be added
Cooking ingredients into dishes
Kings and nobles can enjoy high-quality dishes, while civilians can only enjoy low-quality dishes


enhancing relations
Enhance the relationship by providing corresponding items to the nobility
You can know what others like and need money to buy tidings
If you give someone something they like increase the relationship
Excessive gift giving is disgusting

The change of policy content has increased the tax rate option. The increase or decrease of tax rate will have corresponding consequences. Higher tax rate will increase urban discontent, increase the possibility of riots, and reduce public security and loyalty

economic policy

The main promotion will increase the prosperity of population growth and promote the trading volume of the trade market, which is mainly reflected in the more frequent entry and exit of domestic and foreign caravans, the greater the momentum of trading flow, the richer goods in the market and the more stable market price

Agricultural policy

It is mainly to promote the more effective development of crops and livestock in villages. Villagers' activities are more frequent, the number of crops and livestock will be more, the population will be increased, and food reserves will become easier

military policy

The main push celebrities provide more troops and obtain more high-level soldiers, which will lead to an increase in the number of better equipment and weapons

Greater demand for raw materials

The policy will be freely distributed according to the proportion of 100%


Generation of criminals
Low loyalty and public security of settlement projects will lead to active crime and increase the number of criminals
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