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So far, I've only accomplished Floris but I'm also interested in Pendor, can anyone suggest me a sort-of big mod that gives me a lot to do (more interactions, fiefs, vassals running around, etc)? Would highly appreciate that. Thank you!

PS: I love WFaS hun mechanics but the fact that I can't become a king there like Warband is a game killer. Maybe there's a mod that changes Warband to be WFaS-like? Or maybe a WFaS mod that makes it like it has Warband-ruling mechanics...
Prophesy of pendor is defintely one of the best. Other than it, other incredible ones are The Last Days, Brytenwalda, Perisno, 1257 AD, A world of Ice and Fire, Star Wars Conquest, Warsword Conquest etc.
If you can spend some extra bucks, grab the Viking Conquest DLC. It is definitely worth the money.
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