Rebelling from a King

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Is there a way to leave your king's faction without giving up all your land? I thought you could tell him you were leaving and take your land with you, but there is no such option when I talk to him. I own four towns, all of which are garrisoned by 500+ dudes, so I'd rather not have to start my empire from scratch!
Poor me, being given all this land. Seriously, I'm going to feel kind of bad for leaving the Order. Grandmaster Adinicus has been pretty nice to me. I don't have a loyalty trait, though. I guess I'll just keep trying!
It would be a pretty neat feature to have an option to rebel.
For whatever reason..

• King's injustice?
• King's 'bad' style of leadership.
• King's too lazy xD
• King's takes too much of land
• King's doesn't treat his lords good.

and what ever you think of.
And in case you choose the one that some lord holds grudge for on kind too, he joins you?

Yeah. It's sort of lame losing all my land and starting over. I spent a lot of time on those garrisons. Oh well. I'll just do things the hard way.
I only had that option if the king failed to give me a piece of land I took, an event which did not occur for a long time. He was just being too nice to me! I eventually baited him into doing that last night. I kept rejecting my rewards and the option finally came up. So yeah, manual rebellion definitely goes high on my wish last for future updates.

As annoying as this one problem was, I don't want to sound too whiney. Over all, this mod is fantastic. 9.5/10, just needs some more work on this little thing and some bugs. Keep up the great work! This may be my top Warband mod. It's up there, close with Sword of Damocles and Floris. I look forward to seeing this thing keep going!
Well I meant to complicate the process a bit. :grin:
Now you can just rebel instantly and only if you don't get the land you asked for. How about that you can MAKE UP the reason for what you rebel.

Spread the word of the king's incapability to rule. Influence the lords to follow you or to start their own rebellions (from 1 kingdom, many counties arise xD). Bribe/Influence the lord to follow YOUR rebellion and serve YOU afterwards.
Plan your rebellion by giving your land instructions that they FOLLOW you and ONLY you, if you fail to give orders to a castle they will not be your land when the rebelion start but you can conquer it and ask for it when asking for independence. The more land you have and the more of them you give instructions to follow you, increases the risk that King will find out about your plot and react.
He may banish you, by taking your lands back if you're in middle of somewhere, or ask politely to stop if he has good relation with you.
• In case you're IN a castle/town when he decides to take your lands, you get to keep that land as you're still there (Auto rebellion starts? Maybe? Or your servants try to seize you? Or you get 50% of army fighting other 50%? So your loyals against king's loyals... idk, depending on what u want to do).

Oh my god, my imagination is crazy.. -_-
I am thinking too much. :grin: lel.
This is just what I meant by adding option to rebel :grin:
Shiit lol xD :grin:
hahahahahhahahahaha.. :grin:
Yeah, I kinda wanted to post this to another mod.

Damniiiiiiiiiiiit, I am feeling ashamed after all months I spent on this mod :/

LOL, apologies. :grin:
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