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I am having a litle trouble whit my rebelion, well I conquered everything but wercheg, while I was gathering my 5 lords to fitgh against his 800 men garison, the swadians come whit 12 war partyes and conquered it, now I am stuck whit 5 lords and a parasite on my party, what was suposed to hapen?
Ah, and I keep geting a asertion error every 5 minutes, something about keys.


so your asking what is supposed to happen with the 5 lords you have as prisoners ? or what ? you might need to re ask your question

if so just keep then as prisoners and you will be given a message that the captured Lords's faction (s) that they will pay you around $4000 for a lord


well if all the "original" nords castles and towns are captured then you have to w8 for the rebellion to end. if it doesn't end then maybe their are a few lords running about somewhere, either u hunt them down or let them face the fury of calradia's bandits.  :twisted:

and since your obviously playing nords your faction will become the new nord faction, the only diff is you have a new ruler and everyone has a diff teritory now, and if ur greedy maybe take them all for urself and ur king of course. mwahhahaha :twisted:
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