SP Other Realm of freedom(自由王国). for M&B Warband 1.143

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:grin: Hi,everyone, this is my mod: Realm of freedom, for M&B Warband 1.143


Used 加新的全局变量但不用开新档的module system代码, and 一段工具代码: 方便在presentation里确定坐标的十字线 from rubik. Really convenient, thanks your sharing!

Added with the talak horses mesh in Band of Warriors, and adjusted the skeleton and texture, so as to be applied in Warband. Thanks for your advice, kelavis!

Adjusted the proportion of height for male and female roles in referencing to 雷物、完美版天堂2精灵骨骼添加方法,以及骨骼变化的两种方式. Thank you, wuyoutianxia!

Added with the Cries of War Soundpack v2.0 beta made by Eisenhouwer. Thank you!


You can enter the Battle Settings planel to select the general commander, set the group leaders, set the troops, and arrange initial formation.

1. If you have other NPCs in your troops, you may select one of them to be the commander for the next battle, operated by the player.

2. You can designate the leader for each group. The group leaders individually gives bonus to the fight capability for the infantry, archers and cavalry. (The function has been temporarily deactivated)

3. You can arrange the initial formation for your troops in the squared map on the bottom left. If you tick on “Apply”, all the groups will automatically stand their position as arranged. Two kinds of the scale of the map, 10m or 20m, are provided for your settings.

4. Pointing the group title with mouse, the member list will be displayed for easy settings and arrangement, in which the group leader is on the top (if there is).



Troop settings

1. You can organize the details of the weapons as well the operation for your soldiers. When you tick on the “Apply”, the soldiers will operate the weapons as you ordered, and otherwise they will do randomly. It is ineffectual to enemy or ally.

2. The weapons for the soldier are from his/her inventory without amount limit. For example, you can equip the infantry with 4 bags of javelins to make a “javelin storm”. Also you can have the archers many more arrows. Or, give soldiers two shields as “Tortoise shell Deal”.

3. Press the key-“alt”(default) to select “weapon”during the battle. All the soldiers and the carrying weapons are listed for you to set by clicking the name of the weapon. For example, you may set “one-hand weapon + shield” for the front line soldiers, and/or order the archers behind to shoot, and so on. All in full play!

4. The default for four weapon boxes of the soldier are set as “general”, which is enabled to switch to “primary” or “walking”. Most of the time, the soldier fight with “primary” weapons, except for the archers whom still use ranged weapons. “walking”is only for the cavalry, whose first choice unhorsed will follow as you set.

5. The soldier with horse can be set fighting on horseback or on foot. If on foot, he/she will get down from the horse at once while entering the battle.



1. A new game starts from sea warfare. You could derive quite a few things for your initial stage as a winner, and otherwise nothing if you lost.

2. Some of the pirates launched the ship. You may put out to sea from “Port” to provoke them.

3. You may choose “close combat” or “outflanking tactics” for each round during the whole battle.

4. While the ships chasing on the sea, the soldiers with ranged weapons will auto-shoot at the front. Now the orders such as “Stand ground” or “Follow me” do not work until the ship meets and all the soldiers rushed out.

5. warfare source: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3270







Horse and armor

1. The feature of the horse does not change with assembling or removing. For example, you can remove the armor from a lamb horse and add it to another horse. Or, an active horse will turn into an active some horse.

2. You may randomly derive horse armors as trophy, with higher probability againt stronger enemies.



Crystal and Equipment

1. You may talk to a merchant in town to change the feature of the weapon.

2. You might ramdomly achieve some “Crystal” in the battle, which can be smelt to get some special feature for the weapon.

3. It is only enabled for the non-featured things for the smelt, only once.

4. You will get the feature and skill points with the featured equipment. It works on NPCs at the same.

5. Assembling or removing them will not lead to the increase or decrease of the feature or skill points beyond the top limit for the role.



Leadership level for the infantry, the cavalry and the archer

1. You may check the “leadership” in the role report, NPC report, or pointing to the figure in chat window.

2. There are three categories of “leadership” defined individually for the infantry, the cavalry and the archer, each of which includes six levels low-to-high from “E” to “A” until “S”.

3. The lord gets the “leadership” level randomly, according to the features of his/her kingdom. Such as, the lords of Swadia usually have a higher “leadership” level on the cavalry; instead the lords of Nords have advantages in leading the infantry.

4. Your leadership level also enhances the defense level of the corresponding soldiers of yours. In the “troop settings” panel, you may check the leadership level for the NPCs as well as yourself. Each level of defense increases as:
E=10%, D=20%, C=30%, B=40%, A=50%, S=75%

5. During the battle, your Commander’s three kinds of leadership levels will work on the corresponding kind of soldiers. And the Team Leader’s leadership level will produce additively impact so that the soldiers can get the sum of both defense levels. For example:
-The enemy – the Commander’s leadership levels are D, C and A, thus giving the soldiers with such individually defense levels as, infantry – 20%, archer – 30%, cavalry – 50%.
-The player – our Commander’s leadership levels are B, C and D, which bring our soldiers with defense levels as, infantry – 40%, archer – 30%, cavalry – 20%. Besides, we have -the Team leader of the cavalry there at the time with the leadership level A. Therefore, we will get “20%+50%=70%” for the cavalry finally.

6. The leadership level of NPC as well yourself will enhance with the battle experience. Experience points will be distributed to the arms separately by a certain proportions of infantry, archer and cavalry with the accumulation for each leadership level.



Camping and gaming

1. You may set the troop, the mod parameter and the hotkeys while you “Camp” on the world map.

2. A Slot Machine is supplied for an entertainment in the Camp menu.
    Details: http://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=218554
    Video: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMjkzNDc3OTQ0/v.swf





1. There are 2 or 3 more top arms added to every kingdoms. And the regular troops are given higher proficiency of the weapon.

2. A Leadership Rank is added to the npc including lords, empires, from E to A up to S.

3. On the world map click your troop or click "R" to make a rapid march, increasing speed by consuming morale. The speed increases more with higher “Pathfinding” level and/or the morale consumes slower with higher “Leadership” level of yours.

4. Archery in the battle to spend money, including player and soldiers, each 10 arrows spend 1 dinar.

5. Press “Y” as a hotkey to call your horse during the battle. Requires the riding skill points.

6. Just press “T” as a hotkey to draw rein conveniently, instead of “ctrl+j”.

7. The main role will also shout with joy when you win the battle.

8. The hurt below 5 points will not make pausing or stiffing while fighting.

9. When you encounter with a force on world map, the outlaws might join randomly.

10. You may choose to help any one side in a warfare without the limit of relationship level.

11. The women are smaller than men in stature.

12. Brand new sound effects for the battle.

13. 8 pieces of music before M&B1.0 version are added.


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This mod is Great  :grin:

Will you be releasing your formations and Battle Settings coding ? I think it is brilliant how you have done that  :grin: and it would be great in my Warsword Conquest mod.



What a good news that I have heard.I'm especially appreciated about your creative and novel idea of MOD.Well done!!!
I'll keep concerned on your progress. :grin:


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G'day Yukimura_Sanada,

In this circumstance it's a matter of focus. This mod's focus is mostly changes to UI (User Interface). As a result of this it gives a number of changes and features unique to UI modding. An example of this is 'Battle settings panel'.

The majority of mods maintain a focus of 3d modelling, texturing and changes to game play through coding. As a result of this you get mods which add a large amount of new weapons and armour, buildings and changes such as formations.

The notion that one focus is better over the other is subjective, however the reason for the difference in focus is quite simple. Adding items into the game is an  obvious way to change game play. If you like Mount and Blade but you want a samurai mod, the first thing someone does is add the in-game items to that effect, not adjust the in-game UI.

That being said, one should not fall into the fallacy of attributing the actions of one to the many. As a member of this community for a long time it seems to me that the amount of purely graphical mods is about equal for every racial distinction. I believe it the case that this single person, no matter the race, has decided to make changes to the UI. This could be a result of his experience in modding other games, experience in UI creation, or just a natural unique approach to problems.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask  :smile:


Wow man, I played Light&Darkness(your first mod) for the original M&B (1.011) some years ago.
It was one of the best mods out there with the best storyline and most unique of features.

Downloading right now. Anxious to play. :grin:
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