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After seeing how useless spears and polearms were in the game (100 cav vs 100 spearmen = 3 dead cav and 100 dead spearmen), I've started to modify the damage values of the weapons. My goal is to make a much more realistic weapon balancing, instead of the "gameplay friendly" balancing.


The mod is in early development. Haven't tested yet, if the modifications works with existing save games.

Current modifications:
  • Doubled most of the thrust damage values for polearms/spears, which makes cavalry charges deadlier (cav actually kills, instead of riding over multiple dudes before running away) as well as making spearmen way more effictive, especially against cavalry.
Planned modifications:
  • Rebalance ranged weapons (stronger but slower)


Updated the mod.

I've added a script to automatically modify the base crafting items. Currently I am modifying all items with BladeData to recieve a x2 buff, if their only damage type is thrust, or an x1.25 buff to thrust, if they also have swing damage.
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