Realistic Steel Textures 2.0 (for 0.960)

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This site error  :sad:
I write about site administration , wait unteel tomorrow , if they not fix it, try reupload again  :roll:
still trying to download. still error...
Every file except this patch downloads correctly.
Try to reup this, please  :roll:

edit: Everything is fine now.
BTW: Great job !  :razz:
Yes . I reupload , sorry for you wait .  :roll: Hope all be OK now  :smile:

Please sameone write all ok ( or bags report ) after play same time  :wink:

I make highly improve steel effect (disable mirror, but add shine) and want upload it after players say mod is work fine , so please test RST SE patch in Native , and write about  :wink:

Excellent mini-mod, I love the new Cuir Boulli. IMO, making the steel more gray-ish would make it a lot easier on the eye. Right now it's blindingly shiny, and it's almost pure silver.

Just my 2 cents.
Final Patch for mod Realistic Steel Textures 2.0 for v.960

- Adaptation RST 2.0 for v. 0.960.
- Fix critical error.
- Remove chrome mirror effect.
- Improve steel effect.
- Fix LOD texture for few armors.

1) Install RST 2.0 in M&B folder.
2) Install patch for RST 2.0 in M&B folder.

If you already install RST 2.0 for v. 0.95x :
1) Install patch 0.960 for M&B.
2) Install RST 2.0 in M&B folder.
3) Install patch for RST 2.0 in M&B folder.

Mod Realistic Items  :lol:

Different types of item looks different . Its one of task for my mod C:TW , there I plan make degrade items in time ( or upgrade in blacksmith )  .
But for Native I plan make only different items looks  Its looks grate with my RST mod
I hope relize mod after week , not early, many things to do yet .


I ask historical about shines , so they say armours MUST shine , because in ancient times use vinegar and varnish. Vinegar poured in a flank and added sand, then its twisted and the chain mail was cleared. It was done first of all certainly to destroy corrosion. But also appearance mattered. Also it is frequent for a full armour the varnish, including color(and black) was used.  :wink:

Anyway graphical engine not support ( yet  :roll: ) shading for environment shader . So in night and in close buildings shine from full plate and helms is too match . I hope in next vers they make something about this :roll:

Yes and no. Armour did not shine like that. The metal and methods were more course. They did not buff the armour till it shined like that, but rather removed corrosion and tarnish, and made sure it could reflect. Also, they often dissolved metal scraps in vinegar to produce a black dye that they would rub into their armour. When they cleaned their armour with vinegar and sand, that did the exact same thing.
Just tried the 0.960 version and unless i did something wrong it didn't work. Many textures were now white, including bows and swords and crossbows and most armor. Why..i don't know, I installed the 0.955 version or the pre 0.960 one and then the patch afterwards. Did i do something wrong? I like the textures, they look great but it didn't work at all.
Got it working with 960, but I think people are right in saying its too shiny, and its a shame you removed the environment map, can I ask if you try it with both effects, but make them both less opaque, especially the environment map?  The texture underneath needs to come through more otherwise it gives the impression of having a layer of mirrored varnish on top rather than the effects being part of the texture material.  Very good though :smile:
Dud, this mod brings a lot to the atmosphere and overall mood to the  but, BUT, its way too shiny.. Dont get me wrong, I love it, but plate armor looks like its a toy! sniff  :cry:
I installed the 2.0 version, and then the patch, and now a lot of stuff is white. I did not install it wrong, using 0.960 version too.

Agreed on the "To shiney" party though, I mean...god damned.
It Doesnt really go well with the HDR. With that in it looks like the Steel is glowing.
Without it its great. Nice Work.
I'm trying to put this int my mod, and I did what you said, (and I know this probably isn't a problem with your mod, but if you can help, or if it is, please tell me) then I click save (after putting the load_resource new textures stuff in) and I get the error saying:
cannot create C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules\Calradia 1304\module_ini file.

make sure the path and file name are correct (which they are, I believe)

please help!
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