Realistic Steel Textures 2.0 (for 0.960)

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Mod Realistic Steel Textures 2.0  ( for 0.960 (with patch) )

Mod replaces non-realistic dark and bluish steel textures of Native with new shiny and much more realistic ones.
This applies to ALL steel textures including weapons, horses, shields etc.

- Add new environment map to all plate armors , shields , weapons and helms .
- New diffuse and specular textures for all other steel staff .
- Many other improves .

Author :                    MAXHARDMAN

Some basic textures: Septa Scarabae ( Scarabae Texture Pack v.2.4.0 )

For full effects , must be on DirectX 9 and shaders ( and video card must support it ).

Uninstall is impossible, only reinstall M&B .
Performance is NOT down , maybe only for very old video cards , but if you use DirectX 7 or/and off shaders , performance like in Native.

1) Install RST 2.0 in M&B folder.
2) Install patch for RST 2.0 in M&B folder.

If you already install RST 2.0 for v. 0.95x :
1) Install patch 0.960 for M&B.
2) Install RST 2.0 in M&B folder.
3) Install patch for RST 2.0 in M&B folder.



Armor before and after installing mod :



View in game :



Video ( 2.5Mb ), for more good presentation.

RST 2.0 work with other mods , only if mod don’t change files out Modules folder ( same files like in RST 2.0).
If mod change tableau_materials.txt don’t copy this file , its only for steel effect heraldic shields

For use with other mods :
1) Install mod for Native
2) Open module.ini in *\M&B\Modules\<mod> folder , and place two strings ( after string
load_resource = textures )
load_resource = new_textures
load_resource = new_materials
3) Copy tableau_materials.txt from *\M&B\Modules\Native folder to *\M&B\Modules\<mod> folder

PS If you like my mod , don’t be too lazy, go to and give you Rating in Repository ! Its need for take atention for other players !  :wink:
Try  :lol:

Not shure , but maybe RST 2.0 work with 0.953 , but you need install it AFTER 0.953  :wink:

Anyway i start make patch with bugfix and adoptation for 0.953  :wink:
Yes they do.
Though I think you overdid it a little on the shiny. It's not supposed to be chrome or mirror, you know. It still is an improvement over native, though.
I ask historical about shines , so they say armours MUST shine , because in ancient times use vinegar and varnish. Vinegar poured in a flank and added sand, then its twisted and the chain mail was cleared. It was done first of all certainly to destroy corrosion. But also appearance mattered. Also it is frequent for a full armour the varnish, including color(and black) was used.  :wink:

Anyway graphical engine not support ( yet  :roll: ) shading for environment shader . So in night and in close buildings shine from full plate and helms is too match . I hope in next vers they make something about this :roll:
I have a problem after installing the v.0.953 update for the Realistic Steel Textures... Here's a screenshot of the error while M&B was starting-up and processing the INI file. Hm, thanks :grin:


After that, the game just crashes and refuses to start-up :/

I'd greatly appreciate it if you look into it  :grin:
to Qlurzach

I check it one more time all work fine .  :roll:

Maybe you forget instal RST 2.0 AFTER install patch for game 0.953 ?
You must install update for RST 2.0 only AFTER that !
Read one more time my INSTALLATION instruction  :wink:

OR maybe you install mod self hendly ( manual) in not right folder . Dont forget mod make for GAME , not for any mod ( but work for all mods if they use Native materials) , Its need install ONLY in M&B folder ! :wink:

If you dont may make right installation , reinstall M&B ( dont need re-register in Internet ! ) after install patch for game 0.953 , and after install in M&B folder (ONLY !) RST 2.0 and next update .

Definitely a must-have patch.  It should be incorporated as default into Native M&B period, because it dramatically improves the look of the game.

I have been playing with the 953 Steel patch over 955.  The only issue is that shield textures no longer match up, but guess what?  I would rather have weird shields, but with proper steel textures rather than proper shields with crappy steel ;p
Good job!
Not very happy about the shininess of the metal parts (way too shinny imo - I know it's because of the game engine too, but still too shinny), but I really like the changes in outfits.
I couldn't help noticing the cuir boilli outfit still has the bracers (arm greaves) extending past the elbow (which makes the bending of the arm impossible).
Keep it up!
While i was trying to download, this error appeared:

Error 404 - Not Found

The requested resource could not be found on this server. Please verify the address and try again.

What the heck ??
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