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I have a suggestion on the topic of pregnancies in Bannerlord. The purpose of pregnancies are to establish a heritage for the player. As of now, the system (1)> doesn't make sense <(1), which breaks immersion, and is also (2)> random <(2), which results in booring game play, because we do not control it, we simply wait for it to happen. So, I claim the problem with in game pregnancies are that it breaks immersion and it is booring. I will now try to describe what I believe is the cause of these problems.

(1) The cause for the first issue is that pregnancy can occur no matter where the parents are. The parents does not need to be together on the map in order for pregnancy to happen. The mother can be roaming the deserts of Aserai while the father is hoarding treasures in Sturgia, and somehow they manage to concieve a child anyway. This would have been concidered adultery and resulted in the execution or bannishment of the mother in most (if not all) societies at the time.

(2) The second issue, random gameplay, arises from the same mechanic; the parents does not need to interact in order to concieve a child: since the player does not need to pair up the parents, either willingly - or unwillingly, the player does not actually control whether a child will be concieved or not. Or well, the player decides whether to get married or not, which is required in order to concieve children, but you get my point: the actual impregnation is a random event.

Now to the solution of the problem. My suggestion is the implementation of a series of conditions that needs to be filled in order for the pregnancy to happen. These conditions will be presented in the following list:

I. The parents needs to be married ( or maybe just have a high enough relationship, but that's better suited for a mod in my opinion)

II. The parents need to be at the same place for impregnation to happen.

III. The parents must be healthy enough to do the dirty ( I cannot remember, it's like > 20% health or something to fight in combat, right? It could be the same requirement for dirty actions aswell. This condition is to prevent the feeling that our children would be the result of rape.)

IV. The parents need to be willing. (For example, parents could be more willing to roll around in the hay during peacetime than during war, but the key word here is more willing, this should only affect the chance of pregnancy occuring, not make it impossible to make children during war or peace. Maybe it can even differ between characters, where certain characters see war as a massive turn on; maybe they think they need a lot of children during war to better the family odds of surving an uncertain future. Maybe the parents prefer a safe world for their children, thus concieving their children during peace time, even though the reasoning is logically flawed, because war will start up again eventually. Maybe they just prefer making children during peacetime because it is convenient. As you may see, closer analysis shows that maybe war/peace should not affect the human breeding rates, simply because the inconvenience of war makes it naturally difficult to mate up the parents, thus preventing large scale impregnation during war.)

V. The parents need to be in the right mood (This can be set by party morale, where high morale equals high chances of successful breeding)

VI. The last thing is the female fertility. (First of all, the female cannot already be pregnant. If the female is not pregnant then female fertility can be simulated via a fake menstrual circle, which is hidden from the UI, but still theoretically possible to figure out through study of the game. This would eliminate the randomness.)

So, all of this combined would presumably remove the surreality and randomness of the pregnancies, thus giving control to the player regarding the establisment of heritage.
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