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Hi, I have this problem that comes up in many situations. You have a slower army charging an enemy who ends up in combat allowing you to catch up to them. You can't get involved.... if both are enemies why can't the map start with them in mid battle and all you need is to charge in. If one is enemies then you can help the other party. If its your ally who only has 3 men left but you reached them in time they spawn with your army. What if they are still mid battle but all are immune to damage for 30 seconds or something to allow a chance for there survival. This is frustrating as when the battles over which you are waiting patiently to finish they always avoid you! Also when you are attacked from all sides like when you in a siege they should spawn in different locations at slightly different time as they would reach you. Imagine a giant 3 way 1000 army each! As for small armies around you as you siege they should enter the siege after the walls/gates breached. This would make the game harder yes. But this would make the game so much more realistic and strategic. also, as enemies flee the battles why don't some drop to there knees and surrender? Even if these are available in options this brings the game to a whole new level. After a battle and you see your me scatted as the lay waste to the last few men imagine another army appears meaning you have to reorganize your men or be crushed! Thats the game I want to see then it doesn't seem as repetitive.
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