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Realism difficulty would like to meet Realism+

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Hi there, with the ''realism'' difficulty i was thinking. instead of troop being easy to upgrade why not have it like this :
recruit upgraded into swordsman = to upgrade you need, a sword a shield and armor. just like we have with the upgrades to train footman into cavalry wich requires a horse to upgrade it into a cavalry unit. but perhaps that is quite difficult to implement i dont know too be honest. but even increasing the cost to upgrade a unit would be good enough for me. lets say a sword a shield and armour costs 12k together. the money required to upgrade the troop could be 10-12k and maybe even have it scale with the trade skill. since you ''buy'' the armor and what not

please let me know what u think about this and let me know what u think about my other suggestion(s)
Personal Patrol Parties


If we would go deeper into realism, it would take only specific items for specific units, so those should be mass produced in citys of specific culture.
If they already have cost of horses implemented its easy to expand that feature, but it would add a bit of complicity to the game. Yes, its nice as it would make the sense of having wood/iron in citys, to produce weapons/armors to have better troops.Without good economy kingdom would do badly.


A system like this could be cool, but it would require a lot more backstopping than currently exists. I agree completely with the post above mine about the economic implications. I would add that you should be able to recoup your investment when the troop dies. So if you win a battle, and 10 swordsmen die, you should have receive at least a good portion of their arms and armor back since it is yours merely loaned to the troop. Similarly when they leave the party you should have the option to downgrade them and take back your equipment. There could exist a further option for them to forfeit wages to start buying their equipment from you, after a set amount of time the equipment is now theirs and they retain it when they leave.

I don't think it's possible to do well right now. Each troop would have to be treated individually instead of in a stack.
both of you are making a good point. i never considered the economy in mind with this suggestion. perhaps a increased in troop upgrade cost could do it. so the troops can still be stacked. i was going to stay perhaps involve trade/smithing with it. but at the end you will get solo troops again. lets say i make a 9/10 sword but the next sword is 9.5/10 wich results in splitting up the troops. actually i think its best to keep it at a increased cost of 12-15k then. anyways thanks for the replies people and happy easter!
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