Real Vassals - An Alternative to Immediate Independence

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I was thinking today about how it would be good if there was a ' halfway house' between being a signed up member of a faction carrying their banner and breaking away to full autonomy - making your own kingdom.

It would be great to be able to negotiate some partial degree of independence from a faction (having served them for years and built up good will).

What I mean is being able to say to Derthert or whoever... "Look my old friend and King, I desire my own lands and to fly my own colours ... but I have no wish for conflict with you. Maybe we can come to an arrangement?"

At this point there would be a chance to persuade him ... to let you pay him a monthly fee and treat him as your liege in that respect, but take your castles and villages as your own - under your own banner.

The king could request your help in his wars (when really needed) for a fee of gold.
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