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Hi, please post bug reports you find in Mount&Blade to this forum. We do not have a formal bug reporting/tracking method. But please follow the following guidelines while reporting bugs.

(1) Mention the version of the game in your SUBJECT line, as in:
  "(v. 0.622) Knights don't have horses!"

(2) Please scan the headers of existing posts to see if the bug has been reported before.

(3) The game will sometimes give assertion errors. Remember, ALWAYS CLICK ON "IGNORE" BUTTON, when a dialog pops up reporting an assertion failure. You can hit Control+C to copy the message of the failure. I would be indebted if you post the assertion failure message here. Also please post what happened after clicking ignore: Did the game go on as normal, or did it crash.

It is my first priority to fix bugs, since the game needs to be stable before anything else. Many thanks to all players who take the trouble to report bugs. We really appreciate your effort.

For Warband single player bugs, it's a bit easier to use a dedicated bug tracker at This should also be able to tell you if the bug has been addressed, and if so, in which version of the game.
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