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Just wanted to point out that the number of players still playing the game is down over 90% (per steam chart). The re-playability of the game is almost non existent. And from asking over a dozen friends, the main issues are mostly in the beginning of the game. First, developing relations to be able to recruit higher tier troops is broken, its almost impossible to increase relations reliably with notables and so if you were to lose your party before you have a castle, it is an unbelievable pain to get back up to where you once were. Secondly, the amount of influence you can get has been nerfed to near oblivion. Having to many times wait years in game to be able to summon an army to capture a town or castle, just to have said town or castle be given to the leader of the faction or someone else.Lastly, and most importantly, making money in the game is broken. Unless you are smithing there is no way to build and maintain a sizeable party/ies. Caravans and workshops are only making a couple hundred a day after a requirement of usually over 12 thousand to 23 thousand in the initial investments. This is absurd when a party of over 50 decent troops cost over 500/day easily to maintain. The game is not fun when you are constantly having to play "stock exchange simulator", running around the map for literal real life days just to be able to attempt to maintain that upkeep. Once you finish grinding for months in the same campaign and you think about starting a new campaign all you can think about is the grind all over again and there is no joy there. People have real lives outside of the game and nobody wants to play a game where they are running around the screen buying and selling products for barely a profit for a skill that gives no bonuses as you level up and is ridiculously slow to even level up. Now devs are speaking about nerfing the smithing skill. If this is done and nothing is done to increasing the profit of caravans and workshop I can assure you I will stop playing and I won't be the only one. At the end of the day this is supposed to be a GAME, not another JOB. A person should be able to get decently far into a campaign over a weekend of play and the way the game is right now, it isn't possible. This game is already INCREDIBLY challenging without nerfing smithing so if you do, you better increase caravan and workshop profits or else you WILL see another substantial drop in active players, including me.

Game not Job.
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Owning a city gives a lot of money, as well as being a hired blade for any kingdom (especially Sturgia). There are several ways to start the game, no need to just trade. No need to own a kingdom from the start of the game
I started a new game 3 times and I never played as a merchant or a blacksmith and I always had an army of 280-360 people (top soldiers) and 2-3k dinars a day (workshops work). The game is too EASY. If you have something with your hands, then these are your problems.
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