Re-pick perks and trainers?

Would you like to see more ways to train the player character, clan members, and troops?

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Would you like a way to re-specialize a perk by paying a sum and train at a city NPC for X time?
Also, would you like an option to pay to train your companions in a city by an NPC for X time to give them an increase to say Stewardship or other skills to make them suitable for noble advancement?
Perhaps pay to train your troops as well?

Other suggestions, thoughts?

Just thought of the first one because I accidentally selected the other perk that does not let you discard armours for XP, and now in late-game I regret that decision. Guess one of my heirs will be my saviour.


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Ef Yeah! There's so many skills that just atrophy on the NPCs, it'd be great to have a way to bump them up. I want more quests that raise skills too. I'd like a way to respec perks too since some are basically a waste of a npc if the wanderer has the wrong one. There's sometimes I regret the choice on the MC too.


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Duh, that's basically a no-brainer. Especially when your npc companions that are supposed to specialize in a particular skill dont have focus points or attributes to support that skill...
I just thought of something completely original and revolutionizing that will baffle the masses into hysteria for my strategic brilliance.

You can train your troops with the right perks. The ones to discard weapons and armour. Just buy weapons and armor from the vendor then discard them for xp. Am I not super smart? I bet no one ever thought of that before.
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