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So, I'm newish to the game. I've been playing mindlessly just cutting everything down but I got bored of that. I became invested in the politics of the game and I'm even working on a relationship now.  I'm currently in a rut. I'm a Bord lord and I've taken a castle from the vaegirs. The swadian are salty that I kicked their teeth in at the beginning of the game and as soon as I've captured they come in full force. After taking the castle, I've only had 60 men left out of my original 98. Now the swadian are at the doorstep. 680-60. There are no fellow lords near by. To I load an earlier save or do I defend the castle? If so, how can I win?
If i were you, i would defend it. Yes sounds crazy but even if you load an earlier save they'll come with the same numbers if not even more.
If you want you can low the number of troops spawning on the battlefield from 150 to 30 from the settings to ease the battle (but keep in mind that you'll have 2-3 troops spawned on your side in that case.)
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