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Grikiard said:
The Scandinavian union would like to point to the ultimatum previously given to the North German Confederation, which they refused. It clearly stated that we would go to war in this case.

Thank you for the reminder! But we all know that the German navy was made just for show. Come to Flensburg and we'll get the real war started.
Royal Navy, Confederate Fleets Decisively Engage Union Off Coast of Connecticut!


The big guns of the Royal Navy's battleships engage the Union fleet

February 13th, 1886

In the largest and most aggressive intervention in the American Civil War yet, the Mid-Atlantic and New England coastlines of the North finally came under British naval guns as the largest Royal Navy fleet since the Napoleonic Wars deployed off the North Atlantic Coast! Reversing the previous situation of the Union blockade attempts on the Confederate South, cities from Boston to New York City to Philadelphia are feeling the pinch of economic blockade, this time by the overwhelming force of the Royal Navy. A joint British-Confederate taskforce, the largest fleet of armored ships in the world, even went so far as to place Philadelphia and NYC under a coastal bombardment; triggering the sallying of the Union navy to its defense. Finally after a desperate chase up the New Jersey coast, the three fleets met and engaged at the far tip of Long Island at Montauk Point, in the largest armored naval battle of the new age!

Using the fog to cover the retreat, the Union navy again attempted to slip the noose and harbor at the safety of the naval base in Newport, Rhode Island. Their escape was almost successful, but the immense technological advancement of the Royal Navy's battleship squadrons evened the gap and the Union was intercepted once more, this time with no way out. Fifty armored ships were engaged in battle, with the Royal Navy and its Confederate allies holding the qualitative advantage as a cudgel to inflict massive losses, but the arrival of the dreaded mid-winter Nor’easter threw the battle into a chaotic maelstrom of fire and waves, and Northern knowledge of the waters nearly evened the odds. Raw firepower and heavy modern armor ultimately proved decisive, however, and the bisected Union fleet was forced to cut its losses and run, eventually finding sanctuary in Newport but with half its fleet left at the cold bottom of Long Island Sound.

Papers in newly war-electrified London are calling it the greatest victory at sea since Trafalgar, and news of the triumph have given cheer to the war-weary citizens in the South, particularly those on the Carolina coasts who had suffered the Union naval raids for two years. In the North, people are now struggling to adjust to life under blockade, but despite his defeat the Union admiral John Feldtman-Albacore has been celebrated by the citizens of the coast for his escape from the world’s largest navy. Questions remain if this will be yet another brief naval intervention by Britain, or the presage of an even greater commitment to affairs in their former colonies, but one thing is for sure; the hegemony of the Royal Navy and the Pax Britannica is now utterly unquestioned, in all the Seven Seas!

This Pyrrhic victory for the British cannot stop our righteous and ethical crusade to end the scourge of Slavery. We applaud the Admiral of our Navy, Admiral John Feldtman-Albacore, who allowed our fleet to fight another day while faced against the most powerful navy in the world combined with the added Slaver fleets. This won't cease our struggle to march deep into the heart of Richmond, nor slash the lifeblood slave belts that keep the Rebels and slavery alive. To another year of war, and to victory in spite of all odds!

At least you know how to spin propaganda as opposed to Germany's 'lol navy doesn't important'
A victory which comes at such a great cost you might as well have lost.

Named after Pyrrhus of Epirus, a semi-Greek state, who attempted to defend the Greek colonies in Italy from the expansion of Rome. While he never lost a battle against Rome, each victory was so costly he was never able to make use of the victory, and eventually he had to return to Epirus empty handed, and Rome conquered the Italian peninsula.
BoP 1884 Announcement: New Cohost!

It is our great pleasure to welcome and announce Sarado as our newest member of the BoP: 1884 Hosting Team! Our most recent arrival to the hosting community with his BoP: 1910, he has nonetheless been so generous as to join our hardworking team of co-hosts here in 1884! With his addition, we hope to make good on our commitments to improve processing times, and handle this singularly decisive year in the events of 1886. Everyone, welcome him to our team, and as always do remember to CC Sarado (and Arc!) into your PMs and correspondence!

Kind Regards,
Your Hosts
The Scandinavian Empire Occupies Finland!


The Scandinavians celebrate their victory outside Mynämäki

True to their ultimatum, the Scandinavian armies have crossed the Finnish border. The Russian Empire moved its own armies to defend its holdings, but the Russification policies of the Empire drove many Finns to support the invaders.

Two massive armies marched through Finland’s harsh winter, and many men were lost to its effects, despite the careful preparations made by the Swedish planners. The Russians were briefly misled to march through the centre of the country, while the Scandinavians stuck to the coast, but the combatants eventually found each other, and the largest European battle to date was met near Mynämäki, north of Turku, as each side rushed as many of its men as possible to the field of battle.

Things were even for a time, but eventually, a concentrated flanking attack through the forest by ski-borne specialists and cavalry recruited from Norway encircled a significant number of Russians, forcing the Tsar’s generals to withdraw the remainder of their troops.

The Scandinavian Emperor led his victorious troops to Helsingfors, where he proclaimed victory and the liberation of Finland, and announced a grand referendum to be held for all Finns to decide the future of their nation, whether it was to be a member of the Scandinavian federation, or free in its own right. The Russians, meanwhile, badly battered by the weather and the Scandinavians’ pursuit, were forced to withdraw to St. Petersburg as a sense of unease swept through the city as fears of imminent invasion gripped its citizens.

Europe and the world now wonders; where will the next Scandinavian hammer fall next?

[size=15pt]Announcement by his majesty, the emperor of Scandinavia and protector to Denmark and Finland[/size]
the Emperor proclaims
The Provisional Scandinavian State of Finland
For the war-time administration of Finland.

plz more posts
Hawaii celebrates the liberation of anyone from the clutches of greedy imperialist. And hopes the Finns have not simply exchanged the chains of one oppressor for those of another.


On behalf of the host team of Balance of Power: 1884, I'd like to wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our players, from Paris to Peking, Stockholm to Washington! Much has occurred already, and much more yet is on the table yet to be processed. With the coming of this Holiday, I'd like to give not only your traditional Christmas Gift from the Hosts, but also some updates; some regarding processing, some regarding exciting new developments. Let's begin first with the unwrapping of presents: as so many of you are now embroiled in the maelstrom of war, some as bitter as the winter snowstorms, this year we would like to bestow an additional 3,000 Manpower to your volunteer pools, to help carry your empires through in the conflict of nations! Whether sent to new regiments or reinforcing battered brigades holding the front this Christmas, may this help steady the lines or carry the attack to deliver your nation a gift of a triumphant victory!

Secondly, concerning processing, some of you may no doubt have noticed processing hasn't progressed much faster than last year: this was due to my efforts towards graduation, but I'm very happy to say I've gotten my degree, and work can once more resume! I'll resume work coordinating with my co-hosts, and we hope to have our last rounds of interturns, and of course the Competition as well, rolled out as quickly as possible for your strategies and adventures to continue!

On one last note this Christmas day, I'd like to announce that we will be welcoming one more player to the game, upon the beginning of 1887: JudgeAlfred will be joining us at the helm of the Empire of Austria-Hungary! Please direct your Season's Greetings and welcomes to Vienna post-haste, however be aware outright diplomacy and control at the helm of the Empire will only be begun at the start of Turn 4. Events in Germany have yet to be resolved and their position is subject to change before the start of 1887.

With that, we conclude our annual Christmas message to you, our dear players, and we wish you a Merry Christmas, and to all a good night! Let peace on Earth not be forgotten, and goodwill restored to all men!


Festivities around the World:

Queen Victoria's Christmas display in Buckingham Palace; her grateful empire delivers her a gift of a sterling new Victory at Sea this year at Montauk
Children in Malmö celebrate Christmas morning in pantomimes, with Father Christmas in decidedly martial airs in line with his present of Finland by conquest to the expanding Scandinavian empire
The Russian Nobility bustle in Red Square shopping for Christmas trees in Moscow, safe after flight from the capital in St. Petersburg over the present widespread invasion paranoia
French bourgeoisie and upper classes alike dance in celebration for the season's festivities, past military triumphs, and the birth of a new heir to the French Empire by the Empress Marie-Valerie
North German troops spend a chilly Weihnachten on the front in the Alps, hoping to deliver their nation a united Empire this year
Saint Nick greets enthusiastic new columns of draftees, dispensing gifts as they march to join the Union's million man army in blue
On the opposite side and far from the besieged capital, Southern belles, plantation aristocrats, and nouveau riche industrial magnates in New Orleans toast the present of foreign intervention on their behalf this year while young men depart to the Confederacy's defense
What are these snowstorms you're talking about? It's a nice, sunny day and 28° here on Waikiki.
The Ottoman Federated States once again files a protest of boost hias for its exclusion from Christmas messaging on behalf of its Christian citizens.
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