[RCC Server RP Event] Roleplay Event - Today!

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How do we find out the mumble server ? havent been able to find it and want to be ready for the event


Can I be a Weapon Trader? Btw doesnt people just buy weps in the town keep or? But I wanna be weapon trader if buying yourself is restricted :grin:


I would like to join as well. I will be on Areus or alternatively Areios. I would like to play with the Kings Guard, but it looks like theres enough on that faction already? Otherwise I can go with any of the brothers kingdoms.


I join under the Greens Kingdom as Assassin. So I taking in-charges for all Assassins in the Green Kingdom.
My in-game tag is: The_Vicius


I will be any free spot if you say so before it starts. Mostly prefer leadership roles but I am 99% sure they were all taken so.. I will be any type of armed soldier.. Unless there is some kind of leadership role.
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