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Quite possible! I'm not sure if EFREM actually did the grammar/linguistic correction on that, I'll need to take a look at the files he sent me to make sure  :smile:
New test version out. Get it here:
Steam Workshop
Google Drive

# Important Notice #
Make sure your Warband version is at least 1.161 as the mod will most certainly not work on any earlier version.
This release is updated to the latest available Warband build but should work with any version past 1.161.
It is advised to enable ragdolls or some of the death animations will glitch.
The mod is not intended for 32 bits operating systems, a performance patch for weaker computers is possible but don't expect miracles.

Rome at War 2.6 (Beta) Changelog:

- New Campaign map (Work in Progress)
- New Flora
- New Scenes
- Changes to character creation (Work in Progress)
- All the locations were revised, new towns/castles/villages with more authentic names for the period
- Significant overhaul of the troops stats, names and equipment
- Complete overhaul of the Celtic faction
- Rebalanced Army compositions
- New NPC lords, ladies and companions (Work in Progress)
- New bandit parties roaming around
- Fixed some of the most proeminent bugs from version 2.5:
* Fixed player faction only recruiting Roman troops
* Fixed lords that changed factions adquiring the wrong titles
* Fixed the encumbrance system
* Fixed some of the error messages caused by missing features
* Fixed left swing animation being hard to land
* Fixed Etruscan economy collapsing after a few ingame weeks

To-do list:

- Finish the new map
- Create new banners
- Finish writing the companions
- Properly set up lords and ladies families
- Fix some bugs that still made it through
- Improve/balance character creation
- Properly set up the music tracks

Special Thanks:

- EFREM for his research and help providing accurate names for locations, characters and troops
- DarthMongolTheUnwise for donating models for the Iberian Mercenaries
- All the people that stuck around even when we haven't properly updated the mod in years



Thanks for all your work, guys ( girls ? ).

It is great for us that you aim to " complete " this RaW project.

However, fair to say that , for mine, I will have to wait until you have tidied up everything as in your changelog; I can't see the point in (re)starting it as yet unfinished / unpolished ( but for others, who can say ? ). So hopefully the " final version " will be available soon ( a Christmas present ! )

I am single player only - I take it that all your improving work these days is ( at least ) applying to single player ?

And now that improvements are afoot, I'm sorry but I can't help but ask again, did / will you make the ladies' ( to be sure, only the eligible young noblewomen, and companions ) faces more appealing ( please )?
I would say that even for a Beta I would recommend it over playing 2.5 simply because it improves over everything 2.5 has to offer and fixes some of its major bugs. It's a Beta because I want to gather some feedback while finishing up some content that might take a while. Most of the effort is indeed focused on Singleplayer.
Considering the ladies, we'll see. Some of the packs out there have them with huge foreheads or caked in makeup which I'm not too keen on using. Bear in mind that being ugly is historically accurate  :razz:

Added to the downloads:
Rome at War: Revived Edition
Submod by Charles de Tonkin for RaW 2.6 Beta, reverts the Celtic helmets to the old models.
Thank you all  :smile:

The reception has been pretty good for a beta, I'm already making some changes based on the feedback I received and hopefully that will make the full release a lot more polished  :party:


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Two things that stand out in a bad way:

1. The new campaign map is gorgeous but not every battle map (atleast in Greece and Makedonia) is unplayable or hard to play on because its super hilly and has steep mountains.

2. The new bloom effects are overdone, a white horse in sunshine is blinding for example.
1- I'm testing a fix right now that seems to work, screenshots attached were battling in Samnium and Greece where that issue is the most annoying. It seems to work well so far and I'll keep tweaking it out.

2- I'll check that out, maybe the specmap is too strong on the horses. There's a submod that outright removes it here: Rome at War: Revived Edition

Other updates in progress include some improvements for the recruitment system, now there's only a single trigger taking care of it instead of two. Now instead of updating all the 200+ villages at once, it updates one village every half ingame hour. Villages will send their troops to reinforce a garrison once they are over their limit and train a new batch of troops. This means no more empty garrisons all over the map at once.
To do:
- Improve the calculations for garrison limits and how it scales with player level.
- Allow the player to cancel the automatic replenishment of his garrison.

Updated the list of units that can be upgraded in the barracks and changed the presentation to only display troops that can be retrained. Improved the calculation for the number of recruits available to retrain.
To do:
- Fix the menu exiting when there is only 1 recruit available
- Make it more obvious that you can exit the menu by pressing "Esc"


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Great work and thanks for the quick reply ! That looks far more playable. I dont mind hilly or even difficult maps, but if theyre everywhere, even in the plain of Athens, it gets annoying.

Also cool new heroes ! Just noticed it, some really interesting ones I found so far like the Makedonian veteran or the laconian, well, Spartan haha.
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