RaW 2.55 open testing and work in progress versions.

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Long time no see, long time no news.

Anyway I'll try to make it brief for people with short attention spans or generally lazy, we've not been very active lately but eventually we want to get the mod back on track. It's a bit hard to get back into it after yet another long break so the idea at this point is to have a work in progress release in this thread open for testing and update it from time to time until we feel we reached the point that it can be considered relatively stable. At this point it is missing a lot of content and potentially unstable so use it at your own risk, not that it is likely to burn down your computer, just keep the expectations low.

See second post for important info and possible updates.​
New test version 04/01/2018:

- Fixed admin tools not working in MP
- Fixed multitude of minor bugs
- Fixed missing scenes in SP (Hellenistic factions will receive 2 new scenes in future updates, don't be alarmed by the coastal village showing for all scenes)
- Finished updating all stats of SP units (They still can be rebalanced in future patches but they have proper stats for their roles compared to previous patches that had some units mixed)
- Added new AoR troops
- Another fix for the player kingdom's recruitment (hopefully the last)
- All the lords should be outfitted now
- Updated all Freelancer trees for the player when joining a lord's army
- EFREM's name correction applied to all SP units
- Female town walkers now have clothes

Known issues and things to do.​

  • Missing scenes
  • Clipping issues with the javelins still need to be fixed
  • Finish updating the factions and units
  • Update shield episemas/blazons
  • Balance and finish the starting options
  • Update MP units and equipment
  • Remove debug messages
  • Fix some instances of the javelin script
  • Make some changes to the encumbrance script

I'll keep updating the list if I remember anything or someone points something that needs a fix or an overhaul/update.
I find your lack of screenshots disturbing. :shifty:

Jokes aside, nice to hear some good news! I'm particularly interested in the "Update MP units and equipment" bit, what exactly did that entail?
The thread is lacking in pretty much everything but I'll eventually update it.

Well that's the stuff to do, I have to apply EFREM's name corrections to the MP units/classes, update some equipment loadouts and possibly other stuff I might have forgotten about.
I/We'll be posting screenies when they're available and I suppose at least a scene done-% wouldn't be too hard after we figure out the scene situation. We (by which I mean Seek) will figure stuff out through a combination of hard work and guestimation :lol:
There's tons of missing content to be expected and not much done in the way of MP either but if you find any possible game-breaking bug or visual glitch post it here, screenshots would be nice if possible.
After having enough free time to sink my teeth into it, I have these things to say. :cool:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Would it be possible to have it so classes like the Epilektos Hoplitēs (which only has one free body armour) to have more free body armour (with the same stats, of course) to allow more variation in equipment? Its a sore sight for me to see a lot of people wearing the same gear, unless its engine related.
[*]I noticed since some gear is being redone, will you redo the Greek Chiton and Exomis? Perhaps to match the quality of the in-game Roman tunica? :shifty:
[*]The Keltoi look like gods in heavenly wrought armour when compared to the other factions, where'd this favoritism come from? I'm looking at you Seek.
[*]I noticed when I do a swing of the free / cheapest variant of the Kladio sword of the Keltoi, everything except the hilt becomes invisible mid-animation. The stab animation doesn't appear to have this issue. Any clue to what causes it?

Overall, it was quite fun to play. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2.6 (and the next beta releases). :party:
1- Eventually if we have more models or variants but it doesn't seem likely at the moment. We'll see.

2- A bit like the above, Rgcotl was about to make a new Roman tunic for the new hamata but it gave him some trouble and he switched to something else.

3- I admit nothing honhon. Apart maybe for bugging Rg for years until he decided to finally update one of the mod's original factions. The Etruscans look pretty cool too so it's not a matter of favoritism but Rg getting even better at what he's good at (make more Celtic linothoraxes plox!).

4- I could replicate the bug and it was due to the blur effect making the sword partially invisible, it's fixed.
Thorkell's Amphitheatron server is open 24/7.

ᚦorkell said:
The server has been running with the test version of 2.55 since yesterday. To play on it, make sure your RaW-folder inside modules is called "RaW 2.55".
Do you have a screenshot of the item in question? I'll check the bows.

#Edit: Found the bow in question, the other Greek bow has two carry models so I must have misspelled the model names. Going to fix it, well spotted.
Speaking of which, when me and some friends were playing in multiplayer last night we found some minor stuff. :fruity:

[list type=decimal]
[*]The Slinger classes seem to be lacking the sling now, but they still have the sling bullets.
[*]One of the helmets for the Keltoi has a funny looking appearance at the moment.
[*]At random times, our encumbrance increases to a ludicrous amount. I think it happens by chance when we drop or pick up gear, can't say for sure since its hard to replicate. Its also fixed when we drop our weapon/shield.
[*]Whenever the horn is blown or standard is raised to heal nearby players, we get script warning lines.

I'll be sure to let you know if we find anything else. :razz:
Was shield bashing removed or is it a mistake?  :?: :???: Also Ive notice a Gladius Hispaniensis has 2 one handed damage stats like if it was a one handed/two handed weapon but it says One Handed/One Handed
I don't think they ever added shield-bashing, but they might in 2.6. Possibly shield-banging as well. Maybe visible hair coming from underneath the helmet too. :shifty:
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