Rate the personality of the person above you! v. II

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I will reopen this by not rating the personality of the person above me. But the forum itself.

It has a distinct lack of any warmth or charm. It's neither user-friendly nor particularly innovative or distinctive in any way. The latter of which it could at least boast before.
Much like Sauron it was once good and fair, but was turned to evil. It still retained it's fair form, even if it was evil at heart. But its malice grew hot, its jealousy, its will to dominate and destroy. Until finally it could no longer even take a fair form, but was bound in a raiment of darkness and evil forever.

Minus infinity/anything


Ido not know enough about the person above to make a fair (to them) judgement. However I will add that I love the signature gif :smile:

Additionally, I have not seen enough of the forum its patrons to form an opinion. To be faiir, most of my interactions with members of this community have been via steam

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so you're new and a stranger and yet feel the need to butt into this type of thread despite knowing it won't have any meaningful result.


you might have potential.
You are what philosophers call "the other", and what the Bible calls "neighbor": a fundamentally unknowable and radically external void. Your existence is as pertinent to mine as it is to any of the other 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles in the universe -- less than nothing. I cannot know you. In a world where we can only describe something by comparing to what already exists, describing your personality would be like Ezekiel trying to explain heavenly beings.

10/10 chadman is a swell guy
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