Ransoming / rescuing a noble - mods?

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Finished a game of Diplomacy, unified Calradia. Then I'm using the latest version of diplomacy, I think its 1.174. What do you know? The ransoming works better. I went to a city, saw a ransom merchant guy and managed to free 3 lords in Shariz.

Is this exclusive to the latest diplomacy? I think my previous game was on steam. Its something that bugged me back in 2014 when I found the ransom mechanics didn't work.
Yeah but the steam workshop diplomacy in my last playthrough sure didn't have this. I can finally just pay. I'm useless at combat so rescuing lords is a tough request.
I got it from moddb. Must be some 'latest' version.

Really going to explore options, wonder if it works if you locate the Lord who owns the castle?....
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