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Summary: Ransom message is reversed ???
How to Reproduce: it pops up weird
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OS: W10
GPU: GeForce 1080
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CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: 32 G
Motherboard: TUF X570
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i think ? this error has already been listed .. but i cannot find it so.

I get messages that demand $$$$ for release of people I've never heard of - not my people ! I suspect the message is reversed, in that they offer $$$$ if I release one of their captive lords.

This wasn't a bug in 1.6.1 .. but now is in 1.6.2 ???? "B" grade team in action ? old Cobol programmers given a second lease of work life ? lol joking

I'll send via normal email. This SAV file (BrokeArmy.SAV) should show both bugs - incorrect ransom message and corrupt grass skin at Themys village.

Move your general to the village of Themys to defend it from the raider there. Battle map will show corrupted grass skins. Once you've captured the enemy general, just move around until a Ransom message appears - the second bug will be shown. Sometimes the Ransom message is correct but most times it's warped / reversed / wrong ??

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What mods have you installed to this campaign? Can you try to reproduce the same issue without the mods enabled on a new campaign? We were not able to reproduce this issue with the save file you provided. When we try, we're getting a ransom offer for a Lord called Hecaron, yet there's no one called Hecaron in the game, it is shown as he's inside the Gaos castle, but we checked Gaos Castle dungeon and couldn't see him. We believe this might be caused by a modification.
Only one mod - "HideoutPartyUnlimited"

I just retested this problem without the mod and with the mod... and cannot recreate it .. hmmm

My apologies for wasting your time. I won't use mods while testing Betas

There was a small bannerlord update recently, maybe that fixed it ???

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