ranks for troops (in addition to tiers)

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troops should have ranks in addition to tiers. the current system is 'step' based (big jumps between tiers).

The system i propose is a gradual progression (requires no player intervention/upgrading and is based on combat exp).

ranks are the levels in between tiers i.e., gives increased proficiency (and is based on experience earned).

basically, a tier 1 troop (or whichever tier) slowly increases their proficiency and attributes in between tiers.

For example, tier 1 basic has 100 proficiency, tier 2 basic has 130
tier 1 prof 1 would have 105, prof 2 have 110, prof 3 would have 115, with the final boost only coming after the troop is upgraded.

Proficiency AProficiency BExperience
Tier 130700
Tier 1.13575100
Tier 1.24080200
Tier 1.34585300
Tier 275100600
Tier 2.1.........
Tier 2.2.........
Tier 2.3.........

This would more accurately reflect troops proficiency based on combat experience and provide more nuance in combat (since some tier 1's would fight better than others, purely based on combat experience -> the survivors have a higher chance to continue surviving, since they have better proficiency).

this would also have the added effect of making low tier troops and high tier troops stronger in between tiering up (since tiers are now a gradient, rather than a step)

The ranked units wouldnt need their own icons in the party screen, but a mouse tooltip could describe how many of each rank are present (as a percentage, or discrete numbers)
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